This artist rendering hints at what’s in store for players in Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience. The event – a collaboration between Ford Motor Company and game creator Victor Blake – takes place at Moynihan Station in Midtown Manhattan, June 23-26.

Ford Designs a Massive ‘Escape the Room’ Game in NYC to Replace the Test Drive

Ford is turning the typical test drive experience on its head this weekend with a giant driveable game in New York. The venue, which will be open from June 23-26, is based on Escape the Room, a popular experiential game where players have 60 minutes to find their way out of rooms by solving a series of clues and puzzles. In Ford’s game, teams of four will hop into a Ford Escape SUV and use the vehicle’s technology and features to solve puzzles in order to escape a series of rooms in New York’s 35,000 square foot Moynihan Station.
Players will drive from room to room in an Escape SUV, which has a 5 mile-per-hour lock, for safety reasons. The theme of the game is making it big in New York. Players go through a series of five rooms, from a tiny studio apartment to a film premiere, completing tasks like picking up coffee for their boss along the way. To navigate from room to room, they’ll use the SUV’s features, like active park assist, 360-degree cameras and remote start and lock, as well as FordPass, an app that helps users locate parking and pay for services via a mobile wallet.

Whether you win the game or not, you’ll spend an hour with the brand, and you’ll have used nine features in the context of life. It shows how a city-dweller in New York would really use that feature,” said Ginger Kasanic, Ford’s experiential marketing manager.
Cameras and RFID bracelets will capture footage of each player throughout the game, and that footage is then spliced into a Ford Escape commercial that players can view at the end of the experience and share on social media.
While Ford hasn’t seen a decline in car buying among millennials, the game is designed to appeal to that age group, which treats the car-buying experience differently than previous generations, Kasanic added.
“Millennials aren’t ones to do the traditional test drive. They don’t just want to watch the show; they want to participate in the show,” she said. “This gives them a great experience, and it shows off the product in a fun and interesting way.
Pre-registration for the game is sold out after more than 1,000 customers signed up to play, but walk-in spots will be available. “When we have a test drive event, we don’t typically have 1,000 people signing up for it. This one is a testament to how good the idea is,” Kasanic said. “It’s also a fun way to get information out there about the new Escape and its features, and get people to try it. Some of these people probably have never sat in a Ford before, let alone owned one.”


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Dinner With Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock the artist needs no introduction, thanks to his iconic drip masterpieces, the late painter has become a household name. Dinner With Jackson Pollock: Recipes, Art & Nature is a new book detailing recipes taken from hand written notes from his mother, wife, artist Lee Krasner, and Pollock himself. The beautifully illustrated book features more than fifty recipes with photographs of each delectable recipe, plus delightful tales from Jackson and Lee´s family and local friends, for a truly unique and insightful portrait of a great American artist. $50

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Away Carry-on

Founded by two former Warby Parker executives, Away Luggage aims to be the ultimate carry-on for travelers. Their debut product is the sleek tech-friendly Away Carry-On. It marries a rugged and lightweight polycarbonate shell with ridiculously smooth and silent wheels. The streamlined, tech-infused, carry-on luggage also features an ingenious interior that lets you comfortably cram everything in, an integrated lock, an organization-friendly compression divider, a removable laundry bag, and a built-in 10,000 mAh high-capacity battery (removable) with two USB ports that’ll charge a smartphone five times over. $225

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When you’re burnt out on hotdogs and chili, turn your BaseCamp Stove into a wood-burning pizza oven. The Biolite PizzaDome can upgrade your usual campground fare with Neapolitan-style pies. The three-piece system has a built-in thermometer to monitor your temperature, while a ceramic stone keeps your crust crisp. Use the dome for pizzas and flatbreads or separately as a lid to concentrate heat and speed up cook times. Made specifically for the BaseCamp Stove, the pair is currently available in a limited bundle. $300



Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool. Especially when it comes to product development because, as any brand understands, public opinion trumps everything. Just look at Aston Martin. Their last concept, the Vanquish Zagato, garnered some serious interest. So much in fact, that the British manufacturer decided to move forward with the concept.

Aston Martin plans on making 99 of these ruby-red beauties that are based on the standard Vanquish. It features a 6.0-liter, 12 cylinder beastly engine that pushes out 592 horsepower, getting the car from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. The aesthetics of the ride are the real star however with the Zagato’s round taillights and carbon fiber body panels. Carbon fiber, in a herringbone pattern nonetheless, also adorns the interior of the car along with the aniline leather and rotary dials. If you’re interested in purchasing one you’d better hurry up, as deliveries are slated to begin in the first quarter of 2017. No word on pricing though but we’re sure it’s an expensive lot. Continue reading

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Typhoon H drone packing RealSense R200 camera

A new six-rotor drone fitted with its own camera and lots of other tech has been announced from Yuneec International the drone is called the Typhoon H with Intel RealSense Technology. The six-rotor drone has gone up for pre-order at an MSRP of  The first drone shipments to customers will be made within four weeks.

The Intel RealSense R200 camera allows the drone to fly autonomously and navigate around objects. The camera combined with the Atom processor allows the drone to map and learn the environment in 3D so it can intelligently avoid obstacles and select an alternate route to avoid colliding with obstacles. The drone also has ultrasonic sensors that can stop the drone short of obstacles. Downward facing sensors help improve stability and enable flights outdoors and close to the ground even if GPS reception is poor. Continue reading



Vinyl is back. Well, it never really went anywhere, just lied dormant for a few years. Whatever the case, we’re in the midst of a resurgence in vinyl popularity where brick and mortar stores are popping up all over youthful neighborhoods in America’s urban centers. And with this resurgence comes new technology in the form of turntables. And trust us, these aren’t your mom and pop’s record players either. Case-in-point, the GPinto ON.

Based off of the retro style of the ’70s but fitted for modern taste, the GPinto is the first plug and play turntable that’s only 6.5 centimeters high. But don’t let its small stature fool you, it’s compatible with both analog and digital sources, and can connect to your computer via a USB cable and portable devices. It features a built-in preamp with dedicated power supply, hosts a belt-driven Corian platter, a carbon fiber tonearm, and a Corian plinth and multi-layer beech veneer deck. The ON is capable of both 33 and 45 RPM speeds and amplifiers from 100 to 500 Watts RMS. The finished product is a fantastic display of minimalist form and function; an ideal center-piece for any entertainment system.

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One of the most brilliant takedowns of authority in the history of street art, Banksy’s Swat Van is about to hit the open market. The piece was only displayed publicly once, at Bansky’s The Elephant in the Room show in LA that helped propel him from underground artist to household name. Featuring random graffiti tags as well as some of Banksy’s signature stencilwork — most notably a group of heavily armed soldiers/officers being fooled by a young boy — it’s the canvas of an actual SWAT van that elevates this from highbrow street art to legendary work. Starting to bit at $290.000
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Watershot® PRO

The Watershot® iPhone® 6(s) PRO is an exceptionally robust, professional Underwater Camera Housing for the iPhone 6(s). This is not a case. Housing Kit features two large Optical Quality Glass interchangeable – Flat and Wide Angle Lens Ports. The Wide Angle Lens Port increases the Field of View to 110 degrees. An ergonomic right hand grip and a wrist lanyard affords improved handling and security in all water conditions. The base of the Camera Housing features a prominent, robust and simple integrated metal mounting plate. This integrated mounting plate will accommodate the Watershot® Accessory PRO Mount for utilizing endless Go-Pro® mounting options, the Watershot® Pistol Grip and the Watershot® Lighting Tray. Depth Rated to 195ft/60m the iPhone is fully suspended within the Housing ensuring that the phone and screen are effectively shielded from abrasion, impact and external pressure  $189

Artists Recreate Great Lost Works Entirely With Adobe’s Stock Images

From Van Gogh BnB to The Next Rembrandt, advertisers have been obsessed with the great masters of fine art lately. Now, Adobe adds to that trend with Make a Masterpiece—a campaign in which it got four digital artists from its Behance artist community to re-create lost, stolen or destroyed art using only Adobe Stock photography.
Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the campaign. The artist pairings are Karla Cordova (Ecuador) and Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Table; Jean-Charles Debroize (France) and Caravaggio’s Saint Matthew and the Angel; Mike Campau (U.S.) and Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Cathedral Towering Over a Town; and Ankur Patar (India) and Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee. Continue reading