ICON E-Flyer Releases Brand New “Model II” Electric Bike

Electric bikes have been fighting a losing battle in the cool stakes for some time now. They might take the effort out of cycling, but until recently they mostly looked like the kind of thing your grandmother would ride. Then came the E-Flyer – produced by rugged 4×4 manufacturer, ICON – and unless you’ve got a pretty badass grandmother, suddenly the world of E-bikes looked a lot more appealing. The first edition sold out completely; now they’re back with the “Model II,” and it looks set to do just the same. Available in nine powder-coated colourways, along with a raft of upgradable extras like hydraulic brakes, luggage racks and high grade Brooks saddle bags, it’s like the Easy Rider of battery-assisted bikes. Which, coincidentally, makes it a pretty easy ride.

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Kate Moss & Cara Delevingne for “My Burberry” Fragrance Campaign

Two of the world’s most relevant top models and two generations of UK top models, finally got together for the new “My Burberry” fragrance campaign by English fashion house Burberry – Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. Photographed by Mario Testino in black/white, the two appear for the first time in an ad together for the brand, after having both worked with Burberry on other campaigns in the past. We really like the simple beauty of the campaign, as Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne appear only wearing the iconic trench coat by the brand.

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Annie Leibovitz SUMO

A limited edition of 9,000 signed and numbered copies, the Annie Leibovitz SUMO presents some of the most famed actors, musicians, artists, writers, athletes, and businesspeople of our time. Available in four different cover photos, this at once intimate and iconic portrait collection is presented with a Marc Newson designed book stand and a supplementary essay compendium. €2.000

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A brand new version of the distinctly Italian-built Piaggio Avanti II twin turboprop dubbed the Avanti Evo was launched at EBACE 2014 which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 20-22. Built upon the tried and tested platform of Avanti P.180, the new aircraft includes a host of improvements designed to boost efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide greater comfort while being more environment friendly. In fact, The Piaggio Avanti EVO is the fastest twin turboprop in production, reaching speeds of up to 460 mph. New winglets and five-blade Hartzell scimitar propellers add efficiency, extending the plane’s range to 1,980 miles. The aircraft can seat as many as nine passengers in newly designed VIP seats finished by the luxury outfitter Poltrona Frau thanks to the new roomy cabin that measures 5 feet 9 inches high and 6 feet wide. As the aircraft readies to take-off, it promises to take the company to new frontiers. The fully equipped Avanti Evo is priced at around $7.4 million. First delivery is scheduled for October.

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For almost 20 years, Alienware’s USP has been making gaming computers that have radical designs in addition to their benchmark-setting performance figures. Alienware has always churned out desktop cases that appeared to be from another world, but in the last few years the design of their flagship model has only received minor updates in the form of subtle nips and tucks. But the new 2014 Alienware Area-51 desktop gaming system has received such a radical make-over that it is arguably the coolest we have seen from the company in a long while. Dell says that the new flagship gaming system has been designed for state-of-the-art performance, scalability and ease of use. Built around Intel’s latest Extreme Edition Core i7 processors, it is capable of supporting three full-sized video cards for 4K gaming visuals. The traditional tower shape the Area-51 has had for many years has been replaced by a new spaceship themed shell that features a new chassis which Dell is calling the Triad. The trapezoid shape is not only eye-catching but is also very practical from the gamers’ perspective – the design itself has significant thermal and mechanical advantages thanks to its new shape. Angled front and back panels mean the optical drive and ports are easier to access too. It comes paired with a new motherboard chipset, called X99, that promises to support DDR4 RAM. No word from Alienware on price just yet but availability is set for some time in October.

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HM5 On the Road Again may appear relatively simple, but it’s complicated: the hour and minute displays look straightforward, but they are bi-directional jumping hours with indications inversed, reflected 90° to the vertical and magnified 20%; HM5 has a futuristic case design, but it’s from the 1970s; HM5 has a mechanical movement, but it was inspired by an era when quartz was King; the rear louvres on supercars block light, but on HM5 they let it in; HM5 has exhaust pipes, but they drain water; HM5 is “On the Road Again”, but its inspiration barely left the garage. $63.000

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Warsteiner Art Collection 2014: FAFI, D*Face, Ron English, Kevin Lyons & More

After having initially launched the project last year, German premium beer maker Warsteiner is back with its Art Collection 2014. Having previously worked with INSA, 123KLAN, Stefan Strumbel, as well as Milan fashion designer Marcelo Burlon, Warsteiner has once again managed to attract a series of high profile artists to be decorating its bottle for the new 2014 Art Collection. As part of the new collection the brand has worked with FAFI, D*Face, Ron English, Kevin Lyons, James Jean and ROIDS. As you can see, the line-up includes the who’s who of street- and urban art. The six international artists once again had carte blanche, with the only requirement being that the aluminium Warsteiner bottle would be the canvas of their creation. The outcome is a beautiful and colorful set of bottles, each depicting the individual artistic style of the artist. To be randomly infused into Warsteiner beer cases, starting end of August 2014, we advise you to start collecting soon in order to get your hands onto all six bottles. Continue reading

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The popularity of beanbag chairs may have peaked a couple of decades ago, but maybe that’s because no one got artistic with the designs—big poofy circles wasn’t exactly the height of creativity. But now we’ve spotted some entertaining creations from Barcelona-based Woouf, and you might just find one or two worthy of your home.

Some of the beanbags reflect the collaborations with companies like Adidas and Ray-Ban, and some of them are just… out there. There’s a Beatles bass drum for your Ringo-inspired moments; piano; amplifier; camera; suitcase; red, white and blue sneaker; hamburger; and sweets galore, with ice cream cones, cupcakes and donuts. Cozy up to one in the living room, or turn your kid’s room into a wall-to-wall beanbag bonanza.Prices start at €99 Continue reading

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Uniti Stand

The Uniti Stand  is an all-in-one aluminum stand for your iMac with magnetic charging cradles for your iPhone and iPad. The Uniti Stand consolidates all your Apple products into one sleek and clever design with front facing USB ports and audio jack for convenience. $160

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