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Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products

In the bestselling tradition of The Elements and Salt Sugar Fat, an unprecedented visual exploration of what is really inside our food, setting the record straight on the controversial and fascinating science of chemical and synthetic additives in processed food—from Twinkies and McNuggets to organic protein bars and healthy shakes. If your stomach can stand it, this book is for you.  $20


RSD Scout

Motorcycles don’t have to look all futuristic to be considered top-notch. In fact, as long as the performance is there, some riders actually prefer a bike that has a retro look. The Roland Sands Design Indian Scout is that type of bike, where even though it doesn’t look cutting-edge, it still pushes the performance to the next level.

It has exposed wiring (which you wouldn’t see in today’s standards), as well as mangled mass of cooling and radiators held together by zip ties. It was completely hand built, and the frame used on the Scout is a series of aluminum alloy castings that have been bolted together. It utilizes a high capacity 1133cc engine with double overhead camshafts to produce 86 horsepower at the rear wheel. The seat and fuel tank have been custom built and fitted for this bike, and the result gives it a look that is much more aggressive than its stock brethren.

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Limited Edition ‘Back to the Future’ Pepsi

We may be struggling with the whole working hoverboard thing, but Pepsi isn’t going to sit around and wait for other Back to the Future awesomeness to catch up. Coming later this month, Pepsi will release 6,500 bottles of “Pepsi Perfect,” a limited recreation of the soda Marty McFly consumed in the movie. The soda, which is regular Pepsi made with real sugar, will come in special packaging and sell for $20.15. You can try your hand at snagging a bottle when they get released online on Oct. 21.


Apple and Google Are Once Again the World’s Most Valuable Brands

For the third time running, Apple and Google have topped industry authority Interbrand’s Most Valuable Brands list. The tech industry reigns supreme in the 2015 installment of the company’s annual report, which values brand value based on financial performance, influence on customers and their ability to justify premium prices.
Head over to Interbrand’s website to see the list in full and look at the top 10 below.

1. Apple $170bn (+43%)
2. Google $120bn (+12%)
3. Coca-Cola $78bn (-4%)
4. Microsoft $67bn (+11%)
5. IBM $65bn (-10%)
6. Toyota $49bn (+16%)
7. Samsung $45bn (0%)
8. General Electric $42bn (-7%)
9. McDonald’s $39bn (-6%)
10. Amazon $37bn (+26%)

Beautifully Crazy Ad for an Optician

Washington, D.C., agency Design Army created the spot for Georgetown Optician, and it’s just a crazy mix of wry humor, gorgeously weird design and loopy narrative. The inspiration is clearly Wes Anderson, with some Addams Family thrown in—just in time for Halloween! Continue reading


Coffee with a high

If you’re looking to change up your cannabis routine from edibles to drinkables, look no further than California-based House of Jane. Built on a 30+ year interest in the medicinal benefits of marijuana, House of Jane makes cannabis-infused beverages for your drinking pleasure. Medium, light and dark roast options, along with mocha and decaf are all available in convenient C-cup that are compatible with everyone’s favorite one-cup-at-a-time coffee machine and contain 20mg of the good stuff. House of Jane also offers instant cappucino, french vanilla creamer and green tea if single serving coffee pods aren’t your thing. Using a blend of high quality Arabica coffee and high-grade cannabis oil, House of Jane coffees leave you energized and relaxed—with no cannabis smell or after taste. $11+

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Nespresso Pixie Clips

Nespresso has unveiled its new Pixie Clips machine that allows exchangeable side panels. The concept allows users to pick from 12 different colors and textures and customize the color pallet, to suit their individual mood or personality. Priced at $224, the newest Pixie machines is currently available with two pairs of clips (Black & Lemon Neon or White & Coral Neon). The Nespresso capsule coffee concept was developed nearly four decades ago in 1976, when it was invented by Eric Favre, an employee of global conglomerate Nestlé. It was brought to the mass market in the late 80s and is now one of the most popular and coolest brands in the world, promoted by the likes of Hollywood stars George Clooney and Penelope Cruz and generating revenue of more than 4.25 billion Swiss francs ($4.59 billion) a year. The brand began opening boutiques in 2000 and it now has a global network of over 400 outlets in 55 countries, with some of the most glamorous located in the Middle East.

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It’s just a concept for now — but we’re not the only ones hoping these Honda Grom Scramblers become production machines in the near future. Combining the pint-size power and beginner-friendly ride of the Grom with the versatility of a scrambler, these bikes are powered by 50cc engines, and designed for one thing and one thing only: fun. The retro-styled Concept One comes finished in a silver and black race-style livery, while the Concept Two offers a green, black, and tan color scheme with a (slightly) more modern design. Ahh i used to love and own a monkey. It’s back!

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