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HiRise Apple Watch Stand

Timekeeping luddites and tech zealots will argue over the Apple Watch for days, but that won’t stop Twelve South. The Apple accessory designer’s HiRise Apple Watch is a magnetic, charging bedside stand for the new timepiece designed to show off its slick/atrocious design (depends on who you ask) at a tilted angle and prevent strap damage with rounded silicone edges. $50



First things first, this is no ordinary motorcycle—it doesn’t even have a headlight. This is a purpose-built, two wheel missile created for no other reason than setting records at the DLRA Speedweek on Lake Gairdner, Australia. Beginning with a 2008 Thruxton, the crew of speed junkies set their sights on coaxing every last bit of horsepower out of the 1000cc motor. This meant performance everything to top out over 100 hp. Combine that with race specific suspension work and a carbon fiber body, and the Thruxton is ready for the Salt Flats. Running on straight alcohol, the Triumph just set a new record at just under 150 mph—with much more on tap.

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With the miserable winter of 2015 behind us now, it’d be tough for anything to make us yearn for more snow anytime soon. But this AirBnB penthouse situated at the top of a ski jump in Oslo, Norway, comes pretty close.

Perched 197 feet above the ground, this astounding apartment is also shoulder-to-shoulder with a ski jump platform. Need to make a quick beer run? Strap on those goggles! Oh, and an oxygen tank for the 250-step walk back to your place. (We’re assuming there’s an elevator.) The pad itself smartly features floor to ceiling windows for sensational views of Norway’s capital, and it’s decorated in a contemporary style. Above the penthouse is the highest roof terrace in Oslo, while downstairs is the world’s first ski museum.


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Like most of you, we’re infatuated with Sriracha. Aside from putting together a best Sriracha recipes list, we don’t eat a single meal without first dousing it in the hot sauce of the Gods. Now fans of the spicy concoction will be able to get their fix in powder form.

The Sriracha Hot Chili Powder is the brainchild of Pop! Gourmet, the same folks behind the delicious Sriracha popcorn. And this isn’t some knock off recipe either. Pop! Gourmet worked with the Huy Fong Foods (the creators of Sriracha) to make the authentic powder. And if sprinkling that stuff on every meal wasn’t good enough, they’re also gearing up to release an entire line of Sriracha snacks, ranging from chips and croutons to mayo and hummus. The spice mixture will be released on April 20th, and will retail for $4.99 for a 5-ounce bottle.

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Don’t stress anymore for not having enough USB ports for all your devices with the ingenious InfiniteUSB, a new solution for unlimited chain of USB ports. Once it is plugged in, a new USB port is “created” on the back side with its own cable ( female USB, Lightning or MicroUSB). InfiniteUSB also features a powerful magnet that makes it easy to store without the need to deal with messy cables. $10 at Kickstarter

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The Triumph Scrambler is not going to set any land speed records, but it’s not supposed to. And when one gets modified like this one has, masterfully by Erne’s Euromotos, you wanna give people a long time to look anyway.

The Zürich, Switzerland, custom shop took a 2014 Triumph Scrambler and turned it into Le Chasseur (‘The Hunter’), by jacking the engine’s power up to 95 horsepower thanks to bigger valves, a higher compression ratio, a new free-flowing filter, a Zard exhaust system, and a remapping of the fuel injection system. The suspension and brakes were next in line, with a Brembo P4 braking setup inserted at the front, as well as a Galfer disc designed for the Thruxton. Cosmetic changes include a JVB headlight, side panels and rear fender, satin olive green paint job for the tank and fender, and a slimmed down seat with custom upholstery.

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The Trefecta DRT is a new precision engineered high performance, all-terrain e-bike. The bicycle/motorbike fusion can hit a top speed of 40MPH, and can run for more than 60 miles on a single charge. Made from military-spec aluminum, the beefy e-bike features a 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub, a SmeshGear transmission, 26-inch carbon fiber wheels, and Schwalbe mountain bike tires. A computer mounted at the center of the handlebars, lets the user control riding modes, suspension, and check several data such as speed, battery level, navigation, distance other important data. The bike can also fold down into an available carry case.

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Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work, is a new book published by Gestalten. The beautifully illustrated book showcases some of the most creative, cutting-edge work on the world’s largest creative network – Behance. Tightly curated by the Behance team, Super-Modified features 18 chapters from graphic design, photography, fashion, to architecture and illustration, taking you inside the trends driving today´s most exciting art and design. $50

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Mountain vacuum food system is the new product from Stanley, it´s a thermal container that can keep your food hot for up to 13 hours, or your beverage cold for up to 11 hours. It features an innovative vacuum system that´s at the base of the temperature´s preservation, so you can get your home cooked hot meal whenever you go outdoors, or on any trip. Built from stainless steel, it´s very rugged and with a simple design. It has an integrated jar to cook, if you wish to do so, a vacuum insulated food jar and a spork to eat with too. $50

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Montee Karp Residence

Challenged with renovating a post-and-beam home on a severe hillside, Patrick Tighe Architecture transformed the Montee Karp Residence into a bright and airy house in Malibu, California, with stunning views framing Santa Monica Bay. Continue reading

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