Far from their reputation as a polarizing pizza topping, sardines are actually a great source of protein, packed with Omega-3s and completely devoid of carbs. Jose Gourmet Sardines are a great way to enjoy this overlooked snack. They arrive in handsome packaging with custom artwork on the cover, and come in several different flavors, including smoked, soaked in olive oil with lemon, and our favorite, spicy with piri-piri pepper.



It’s been years since Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro. They’ve used the time wisely. The new Apple MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter, and smaller than the previous generation. The display comes in 13- and 15-inch varieties, and is brighter, has greater contrast, and displays more colors than before. Open it up, and you’ll find a Force Touch trackpad that’s twice as large, an all-new keyboard, and, most noticeably, the Touch Bar. It’s a multi-touch display that replaces the function keys, dynamically changing depending on what you’re doing, with a Touch ID-enabled power button hidden on the far-right side. Hidden inside, there are Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, Intel Iris or Radeon Pro graphics, even faster SSD storage, an all-new speaker design, and four Thunderbolt 3 ports that also support charging, USB-C, and video out. But most likely the first thing you’ll notice is the color: in addition to the classic silver, the all-aluminum body will now be available in a subdued space gray. $1.800+

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The Hinterland

The Hinterland is a new cabin porn book by publisher Gestalten, it features plenty of dreamy hideaways where we can recharge our spirits and reconnect with ourselves, away from the restraints of society and the stress of the everyday. The book explores the wondrous forms that the humble cabin can take, it showcases stunning refuges located on mountain tops, nestled in villages, or ensconced in lush forests. The beautifully illustrated book presents the finest in design and innovation of such fascinating get-aways, through spectacular photographs and interviews with their creators. $50

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FlashTorch Mini

Wicked Lasers, makers of some of the world’s brightest flashlights, are back with a new, smaller model that’s so powerful it’s almost scary. The FlashTorch Mini is machined from military-grade anodized aluminum and equipped with a heat-resistant lens and reflector, which means you’ll be channeling the intense light into a wide floodlight or searchlight without having to worry about your light being protected. The 2300 Lumens light is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery pack, and there are three power selection modes so you can tailor the brightness to your needs at the moment. Most importantly, the “burning” feature you’re familiar with from its big brother is also present in the FlashTorch Mini. You’ll be starting fires and frying eggs with your flashlight in no time. $200

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Jeep Pedal Go-Kart

You can now introduce your young one to the thrills of off-roading with this awesome BERG – Jeep Pedal Go-Kart (features real Jeep design), a light and compact ride that provides a full serving of adventure. The mid-sized licensed Jeep by Dutch manufacturer BergToys includes knobby pneumatic tires, a swing axle, an adjustable seat and adjustable steering wheel that ensure a comfortable fit for different sized children, a front grille, a BFR system so you can brake with your pedals, and even a spare tire to get you through any adventure over any terrain. Available in three different models, including the Expedition BFR-3 pedal Go-kart that has three gears. All karts fit a 4 year old all the way up to a “compact adult”. $480

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Microsoft’s First All-in-One Desktop

Microsoft is expanding its Surface line of laptops and tablets. The company announced its first-ever all-in-one desktop, the Surface Studio, which is undoubtedly meant to disrupt a market recently dominated by the likes of HP, Apple and Dell.

The Surface Studio, powered by Windows 10, features a 28-inch, 12.5mm thin PixelSense touchscreen display — the thinnest LCD monitor ever. And it’s beautiful. The display uses 13.5 million pixels, which amounts to 192 PPI, or 63 percent more than a 4K TV.

Other specs include a powerful Intel Core processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB hard drive and integrated 2.1 speakers. Also, its hinge can be adjusted down to a 20-degree angle — “nearly flat” — so users will have a better experience drawing with a stylus and, come Spring 2017, creating 3D content with the Windows 10 Creators Update.


YouTube Launches ‘End Screens’ Feature

At the end of videos on most YouTube channels, content creators usually try to link users to their other videos. Sometimes these videos might be other videos that are similar in nature, or they might be the previously released video. This is done to help keep users on their channel and to increase viewer count, which in turn also affects their revenue.

However it looks like soon content creators won’t have to bother as YouTube could do it for them. The company has recently announced that they will be introducing the “End Screens” feature to all content creators. Prior to this, the feature was only limited to a handful of creators for testing purposes, but now YouTube has made it available to all.


SpiderLight Camera Holster

Neck and wrist straps are great for cameras of all sizes, but if you truly want a seamless shooting experience with your camera you should check out the SpiderLight Camera Holster. Designed specifically for the mirrorless and lightweight pro cameras on the market (hence the “Light,” but there is a Pro version for your expensive rigs), the SpiderLight Camera Holster is an easy, draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution for shooting on the go. Using Spider’s patented ball-joint system, you can easily attach your camera to your belt or pack with just enough movement to not make it uncomfortable, while also allowing you quick release access to your rig. Better still, the plate you attach to your camera works with tripod quick-release plates and Arca-Swiss tripods and doesn’t obstruct battery doors. $75

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If you’ve ever tried whiteboard brainstorming, you know that, while it can be a messy endeavor at times, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Sometimes it just helps to get everything out there in front of you visually – making it easier to organize group thoughts into a single cohesive idea. Well, Google – a company very well known for their groundbreaking collaborative efforts – has a new product to vault old-school brainstorming into the modern world: the Jamboard. Continue reading

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There a tons of ways to access and share your memories in your home, like smartphones, tablets, and TVs. None are quite as simple as the Loop Connected Photo Display. Vaguely resembling an old tube set, it has 10-inch high-resolution screen and a simple interface with two knobs: one for skipping through individual photos and videos, and one for skipping through “channels” of photos from sources like Facebook, Instragram, and Dropbox. It also supports voice and gesture controls, can read photos straight from SD cards, lets you control the action from a smartphone, and has a rechargeable battery so you can tote it anywhere you want. $150

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