Inside the Retro JFK Terminal That’s Been Closed for 14 Years

As LaGuardia Airport preps for a $4 billion overhaul, perhaps designers should look to the past for inspiration. Specifically, they should consider this TWA terminal that sits abandoned at JFK for ideas. It’s stunning, in a mod sort of way. Photographer Max Touhey was recently granted access to the untouched structure designed by Eero Sarrinen many decades ago, and now you can take a peek inside. There’s hardly a sharp edge to be found. The long abandoned terminal is soon to be transformed into a luxury hotel.


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Whether you´re carrying your beach gear, your groceries, your pet, or your kids, Virtue Bike offers some great solutions. The San Diego California based brand is all about stylish & function oriented cycling in all cycles of life — commuter, recreation and family. The versatility of their line will certainly help you get more things done car free, such as spending quality time cycling your kids to school, or for those hauling, delivery and running errands.

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In the Air

900 000 people can’t be wrong – they choose App in the Air as their Personal Flight Concierge.  Featured in Business Insider’s 100 Greatest Apps and Apple iPad “Your Verse” commercial.  App in the Air helps you fly smarter with everything you need to make the most of your flight experience.

Know where to find the best food in the airport and how to connect to free wireless internet. Learn the best ways to spend free time and find the best coffee. Don’t be late with online check-in and keep your friends and family updated by sharing your flight status.

Get it here for free.

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With a compact, modular body and insane low light capability, the Canon ME20F-SH Camera is likely to become your go-to rig for filming anything after dark. Thanks to a special 2.2MP full-frame sensor with 19 μm pixels and proprietary readout circuitry, it can shoot full-color 1080p video in lighting of less than 0.0005 lux, or at a sensitivity equivalent to over ISO 4,000,000 (no, that’s not a typo). It’s compatible with the same lenses you use on your Canon DSLR, and offers a host of pro-level inputs and outputs to support a variety of setups and shooting styles. $30.000


Converse MA-1 Zip “Nylon” Pack

Converse’s latest iteration of the Chuck, reinterpreted as an MA-1 bomber jacket. Appropriately part of the Military Zip collection, the MA-1 captures the essence of the silhouette while incorporating key details of the storied military jacket.

If you’re a fan of classic design, a proven track record and timeless style, you’ll want to know where you can get a pair. Luckily, the Converse MA-1 is now available in-store at your nearest Foot Locker and Foot Locker’s online store.



Meet the world´s smallest 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive, the Sandisk Ultra Fit, now available for purchase. This ultra-small, low profile drive is no bigger than a dime! it is so tiny you’ll be afraid of losing it. The nifty solution can stay put for extra storage, or it can move media super-fast between devices at speeds up to 10x faster (up to 130MB/s read) than standard USB 2.0 drives. Available now in capacities up to 128GB.

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‘Blast, I’ve left the Enterprise without my Communicator again’ is soon to become the new ‘Shatner! I’ve left my keys at home!’

While it may not enable you to contact orbiting starships using subspace transmissions, or request Scotty’s transportation services, it will allow you to command your friends to come over immediately armed with pizza and Star Trek DVDs.

This flawlessly accurate Prop Replica Communicator is a fully functioning Bluetooth handset, which means that all of you glorious Trekkies out there can make and receive calls in the way you do in your wildest dreams, with a flick of that iconic antenna grille.

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You never know when your power’s going to go out. But with the new Candle Charger, you’re sure to stay charged and connected to what matters – family, friends – after the grid goes down. As the name suggests, this portable, indoor-friendly power plant uses a candle and water to generate power for USB-charging devices – an essential addition to any home preparedness kit. Conveniently, the water is also boiled and sterilized during the process, so whether you’re worried about the quality of your tap water or just want to make some tea or coffee the Candle Charger will get you there, no grid required. $75


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Most of us still haven’t outgrown our love for Nerf guns, and the Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster will only feed those nostalgic feelings. First and foremost, it has the ability to shoot 12 high-impact rounds at speeds up to 70mph, that’s right, 70mph. And just in case that isn’t enough to get your interested, it features an easy to load ambidextrous magazine, flip-up sights, and the ability to rapid fire the whole clip at your target by holding down the acceleration. $50



Part treehouse, part tent, the Cocoon Tree is an interesting alternative to traditional temporary structures. It weighs under 150 lbs thanks to its construction, which pairs an aluminum frame with a durable tarpaulin canvas shell. It can be adapted to a variety of locations, thanks to its multiple suspension points — up to six for suspension, and six for added lateral stability — and thanks to a three-foot diameter and included mattress, it can sleep two adults comfortably. Also available in wicker-like Beach and Table variants. $8.000 Continue reading

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