Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Collection

Created by DJ Chris Holmes, the Flashback collection is a line of garments coated in crystal nanospheres that reflect light, which makes the clothing light up when photographed with a flash. This has the effect of ruining photos, by messing up the camera’s exposure settings. When not exposed to a flash, the fabric looks pretty normal. Currently being crowdfunded, the Flashback Photobomber Hoodie requires a $205 pledge to own, while the suit jacket pictured above is $406


Cloud, designed by Richard Clarkson, is a lamp that really aims to mimic a cloud, but not just any cloud, a thundercloud. It features motion sensors and a powerful speaker system that reacts to movement and then reproduces the sound and light of a real thunderstorm, but you can also use it as a regular sound system that you can stream music to, via Bluetooth. You may also control the light it emits, adjusting brightness and color is very easy, cloud comes with a remote control that keeps you in charge of what happens or you can just let it feel the mood in the room, reacting to both movement and music. It is also available in a lamp only option, for those who want just the light effect. The thing about cloud is that each one is unique, making it a real work of art, and even more desirable.

$ 3.360

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“Game Boy” Cases

Moxie joins the long list of iPhone 6 accessory makers with the introduction of their latest cases for Apple’s flagship smartphone. Bearing the designs of Nintendo’s famed Game Boy and Game Boy Color, the cases come in four unique colorways for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Available at Colette for €20.



Until now, there’s been one big problem with most drones: human operation. The SenseFly Exom Drone looks to overcome the limitations of our clumsy thumbs by relying on a host of sensors to keep it safely afloat. Those include ultrasonic proximity sensors for the area both around and above the drone, five vision sensors that let the operator see in the direction the drone is actually moving, and a TripleView head that can capture HD video, high-res stills, or thermal images, all without switching out the camera. With a fully autonomous mode available, it’s a nearly foolproof aerial imaging system.



The MH900e was the first in an illustrious group of Ducati’s famous SportClassic line of motorcycles that bowed at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show. Created specifically with classic style in mind, they were modern bikes that paid homage to Ducati’s deep racing roots, and the MH900e demonstrated this best. The now-famous South African motorcycle designer, Pierre Terblanche, headed up the design of the MH900e, and both the bike and the MH900e’s nomenclature pay tribute to Mike Hailwood’s (MH) victorious 1978 Isle of Man TT bike — a Ducati 900SS with handsome rounded bikini fairing. Continue reading

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IKEA Introduces Wireless Charging Furniture

Certain things need time and for the most part a big dominating player in a market to actually go ahead and adapt the technology. This week Swedish furniture giant IKEA has announced that it has incorporated induction-charging stations into products from its latest collection, which will allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones. The collection includes lamps, bedside tables and desks, each coming with an integrated pad that can charge portable electronic devices simply by placing them on top. Developed by technology company Qi, devices with the same Qi technology will work out of the box with the new furniture. Currently these devices include models by Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Nokia. Both the Samsung Galaxy range and Apple’s iPhone are not supported at the moment, but IKEA will be launching special cases to make sure that even those models work. Look out for a first release of the collection come mid April. Continue reading

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La Marzocco GS3 Home Espresso Machine

While La Marzocco’s various machines are used in numerous cafes worldwide, the new GS3 Home Espresso Machine is the perfect option for residential use. The fairly compact gadget is the prime size for your kitchen countertop, as it then provides for a premium shot of espresso to jumpstart your day at any given time. You can also customize your own GS3 to ensure that it truly stands apart from the rest.
To explore these options as well as for purchasing info and details on the perfect shot of espresso, head over to La Marzocco today.

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Most snow chains are cumbersome and difficult to mount on your tires, the AutoSock is a great alternative to the traditional tire chains. Made from a high tech woven fabric which increases tire to road friction, the AutoSocks are comfortable in use and do not cause vibration or noise when driving, unlike snow chains. They go on easy and quick, and are light, plus they dont take up much room in your car trunk, and are reusable and machine washable. It really is the perfect emergency winter driving aid to get you out of some tricky situations. If you are looking for a cheap but very effective alternative to snow chains you should buy a set of these. € 79

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Even though it was only served on the Apollo missions, we just can’t get enough of Astronaut Ice Cream. It’s a 15-pack of Neapolitan freeze dried ice cream that is frozen to -40 degrees and vacuum dried in a foil pouch. And if it can stand up to the conditions in space, you know it’ll stay intact during your next outdoor adventure. $36.50

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