“Desaturated” iPhone 6 wallet case

Designed for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Mujjo’s monochromatic leather carriers now come in a casual and elegant grey. Designed to hold two to three of your essential cards without sacrificing its slender silhouette, these high quality vegetable-tanned leather wallet cases help eliminate bulky pockets. The leather card pocket, intricately stitched and marked by a slanted opening, provides convenient access to cards. Accessible ports and buttons mean the case stays on your phone when you need it most. The “Desaturated” leather wallet case line-up for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is now available at the brand’s online store.


Filling Pieces x Poste Holiday 2014 Collection

Dutch footwear brand Filling Pieces manages to sneak one last collaboration before the holidays as they team up with Poste for the second time on two pairs of sneakers. While Filling Pieces is mostly known for their monochromatic colorways, this time around the duo have outfitted the breakthrough brand‘s signature low-top silhouette in rich, holiday-friendly colors.

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Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition

Romain Jerome unveils for the first time an exclusive and limited edition collection solely sold through the brand’s online store. The new Space Invaders Ultimate Edition watch is available in five different colors – yellow, blue, green, white or red – and housed in a 43mm black PVD-coated steel case. Featuring the last “Alien Invader” being destroyed by the “Laser cannon,” the watches boast a new pixilated dial. Available exclusively on the brand’s eBoutique, the Space Invaders Ultimate Edition is limited to five timepieces per color, retailing for approximately $7,147

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3D printed add-ons let kids play with their food, literally

For kids, toys are hugely more entertaining than any of the serious and boring tasks their parents make them do. But can parents use them as a tool to teach them good habits? We already wrote about Hope Soap, the South African project that encases toys in soap to force them to wash their hands in order to get them. Now France’s Open Toys project could make vegetables more enticing for kids by using 3D printed parts to turn them into playthings.
Created by France-based leFabShop’s Samuel Bernier, the idea initially involved using 3D printed accessories to make old bits of scrap wood and cork more fun by turning them into planes and cars. Unfortunately, not every household has those materials available. What they’re likely to have however, is vegetables and fruit. Bernier tweaked his designs so that they could easily be slotted into the food to turn them into toys — much like a literal Mr Potato Head. For example, an eggplant could become a submarine, while a parsnip could turn into a drag racing car.

Although parents usually tell their kids not to play with their food, the idea could actually enable parents to introduce different healthy foods outside of the context of the dinner plate. By getting them familiar with funny-shaped vegetables, they could then encourage them to try eating them. In face, the instructions for the 3D printed parts each come with a recipe to cook at the end of playtime. Kids can download the files at Thingiverse, as well as some instructions from Instructables.

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In Helsinki, Finland, there’s a restaurant called Story. Designed by creative studio Joanna Laajisto, the restaurant, which opened in June, is an example of how Finnish traditionalism can be ushered into a modern design era.

Located in a historic 1889 market building, the space offers views of Helsinki harbour and is flooded with natural light. High ceilings make for a grandiose appearance while natural materials such as wood, leather, stone and even original fishing traps, help create a laid back atmosphere where locals can feel at home. Laajisto’s choice for a stone herringbone counter acts as a focal point and her own light designs as well as lighting from Zero Lighting add much needed modernism.
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First of all, the watch has the blue liquid already seen on the great-looking H1 Iceberg that illuminates the silver-toned open-worked dial and serves as an obvious reference to the Caribbean Sea. Then, and most originally, there is the new material especially developed for the case of this 25-piece limited edition. The unique resin case composition, also called polyepoxyde, brings an element of lightness to the watch with ground-breaking properties – 7 times lighter than stainless steel, 4 times lighter than titanium but 3 times more resistant. The case measures 48.8mm x 17.9mm and incorporates a few grains of sand from the Anse du Gouverneur in St. Barths, therefore allowing you to carry a small part of the world’s most beautiful beach all year round on your wrist. As for the straps, the watch can be opted with an extremely laid-back and summery white rubber strap or a more refined black rubberized alligator with blue stitches. Limited to only 25 examples, the HYT H1 Sand Barth watch is priced at 65,000 Swiss Francs ($67,300 approx).

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San Giorgio – Mykonos

Situated on a picturesque village in Mykonos island, Greece, the San Giorgio Hotel is a luxury holiday retreat in the most authentic Greek style.

In 2012, after nearly a decade running Mykonos’ world-famous Paradise Club, Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel have teamed up with Design Hotels™ to create the San Giorgio Hotel. Rates start at €170. Continue reading

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Sony Qrio Smart Lock with Smartphone Accessibility

Japanese conglomerate Sony has unveiled its latest innovation, the Qrio Smart Lock. One of the smallest and most intuitive smart locks available, the internet-connected device enables control of almost any type of door lock via smartphone. Differentiating itself from the August Smart Lock, Qrio allows users to share encrypted keys via their mobile phones, giving friends and family access by using various compatible applications. Sony has decided to launch Qrio via crowdfunding site Makuake and has already met its funding goals. Retailing for approximately $126 USD.

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For vloggers and narcissists there’s probably nothing worse than having your GoPro camera run out of juice right in the middle of a selfie video recording session. One solution to this first world problem is the PowerPole battery-integrated GoPro extension pole from Polar Pro Filters. The PowerPole was a recently successfully funded crowdfunded project on Kickstarter that earned 145% of their goal. This professional grade GoPro accessory is a light-weight all-aluminum alloy pole that extends from 17-30 inches to allow new shooting perspectives. The PowerPole’s internal 5200mAh Lithium battery extends the recording time of the GoPro to up to 10 hours.

The PowerPole is available for $99.99.

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Unofish Black Komodo Basketall

The Unofish Inaugural Collection of luxury basketballs combines high-quality leather and cool color combinations. “The Black Komodo”, according to Unofish, is for the hunter”: Half of it is made from black Italian tumbled leather, the other from supple stingray-beaded leather — and an orange polyurethane rim makes it all pop. As part of their Unofish 3X Program, they’ll donate a premium basketball to a child in the Bay Area for every ball purchased. $249

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