Architecturally Inspired Dog House

Atlanta-based design firm, Pyramd Design Co., have created their first offering, The Puphaus. Emerging from the musings of two designers who were disenchanted with their respective industries, dog-loving founders Roy Fleeman and Zach Griggs set out to create products they had a personal connection to and could see through from initial conception to final production.

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There are plenty of effects apps out there. But clever filters can only take you so far. To get the most from your photos, you need a full on editor. Like Polarr. Yes, it includes some filter-like presets, as well as the typical exposure, contrast, highlight, and shadow controls. But it also gives you access to HSL channels, tone curves, chromatic shift tools, and other pro-level features. Find a look you like? Just save it as a custom preset, and it’ll be waiting for you next time, like your own built-in filter. Now that’s clever.

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Motion Simulation´s TL3 Racing Simulator is a state of the art simulator that came to life after more than 5 years of intensive research and development in collaboration with a world championship Formula 1 team. Quite different from your Playstation and Xbox experience, the TL3 Simulator includes a wide number of world´s first technology such as a variable driving position, and the 200º spherical projector with 6 million pixels, that literally wraps around you to put you right at the centre of the action, enriching your visual experience. It was specially designed for powerful PC´s that support the demanding software that the TL3 Simulator uses, it features a pod made from composite materials, CNC machined with laser precision and comes with cooling fans, plus real hydraulic systems, such as the real feel pedals and the Force Feedback steering wheel. Available in 5 different colors TL3 delivers an unrivalled, immersive, and most realistic simulation experience available. GBP35.000



Behold the Woodway 4Front treadmill, a running machine that proudly boasts of being the most long lasting treadmill in the market. Woodway specializes in high end, hand built, custom designed treadmills. The company has design and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan making it the largest specialized treadmill manufacturer in the world. All the Woodway treadmills are unusually designed and are very different from the conventional treadmills with belts and deck. Instead, their products come with patented Slat Belt running surface, which resemble a caterpillar track found on heavy-duty vehicles.
Thanks to this nearly frictionless set-up, the Woodway treadmills mimic the feel of running outdoors and provide the user with a dynamic and low impact workout every time. In addition to being super comfortable, the patented running surface is also the longest lasting belt system found on treadmills. The company claims that their running surface will last for more than 150,000 miles, roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill. The less friction generated by the Slat Belt also helps making the machine very power efficient. According to Woodway, the 4Front requires about 50% less electricity to operate than a similar treadmill. However, there is a steep price for all this awesomeness. The Woodway 4Front treadmill is priced at $11,135, making it one of the most expensive treadmills in the world.



We wouldn’t normally consider paying $12,500 for a road bike, but Specialized’s new road bike is being revealed as the “fastest road bike ever.” With the 102nd Tour De France right around the corner, Specialized has taken the opportunity to showcase their new S-Works Venge ViAS.

Specialized claims that the bike’s super stiff carbon fiber and aerodynamic design will help to save riders 5 minutes over 25 miles. The new bike includes a Rider-First Engineered frame as well as the fastest wheels Specialized has ever made, the Roval CLX 64s. This new design has gone through over 1000 hours of testing, prototyping and refining to ultimately achieve the impressive results. Not only does the bike save riders valuable time, but the Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS looks great doing it.

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Nike Releases All-Black Roshe One

Fans of the Roshe One should be happy to see this new murdered-out take on the beloved silhouette. The kicks feature a monochromatic look, being done up in mesh and synthetic materials, resting atop a matching phylon midsole. These all-black Roshes are a part of the Swoosh’s current spring/summer collection and can be purchased now through authorized dealers.

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Kingii anti Drowning device

Anyone who spends time in or near the water with young kids or performing action sports has to be concerned with accidents that could lead to drowning. It can be hard to get people of any age to wear a life jacket at all times because a bulky lifejacket isn’t comfortable. A new device called Kingii has turned up on Indiegogo that aims to make wearing a flotation device as comfortable as possible. Kingii isn’t something you wear on your body like a shirt or jacket. This is a device worn on the wrist like a watch. It’s considerably more bulky than a watch, but is sized so that kids and adults can wear it. When needed, the wearer pulls a silver lever on the Kingii wearable and a small flotation cushion pops out and inflates automatically. Inflation is performed by a CO2 cartridge and that cartridge is replaceable making the device reusable. Kingii is on Indiegogo to raise $65,000 and has raised over $412,000 so far with 29 days left on the campaign. A pledge of $69 will get you a Kingii with ship time unspecified. Replacement CO2 canisters will cost you $6 per pair.



Already known for their audiophile level of sound quality and engaging design, D’Agostino raises the bar even higher with the MLife Streaming Amplifier. Based on the Momentum 200, the new kid on the block adds built-in streaming audio that is fully controllable from your smartphone or tablet, adding a level of convenience typically not found on the high-end market. A 5-inch LCD screen provides streaming information, while a lighted-dial face and volume bezel — that brings a fine Swiss watch to mind — moves up and down as things are manually adjusted. $48.000