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Impressed Bag Co.

When you’re finally ready to welcome the end of the fiscal year, you should make sure your suit is ready too. And Impressed Bag Co.’s innovative duffel will keep it that way, using a series of magnets to keep your suit — and your gym clothes, should you desire — readily pressed. $350

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Moleskine Timepage App

If you’ve still got too much work to make your escape to the wild, Moleskine’s new Timepage scheduler app could be a good tool to square away the last of your work in as little time as possible. It syncs all of your calendars and schedules — along with associated weather forecasts, maps and contacts — into one clean stream of events you can scroll through with ease. Hide and highlight certain calendar events with mere swipes and taps, and enjoy transit, contact and locale suggestions based on your history, among other features. Compatible with iCloud, Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars; available on iPhone and Apple Watch. $5

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Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 27-02 Rafa Nadal

Richard Mille unveiled its newest tourbillon for Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal: the Richard Mille RM27-02. Housed in a case that combines quartz and carbon material developed by Richard Mille in partnership by Swiss NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) the Richard Mille RM27-02 Rafael Nadal is 39.70mm wide and 47.77mm tall. Inside the watch is a Richard Mille tourbillon-based manually wound movement beating at 3 Hz (21,600 vph) with a power reserve of 70 hours. The high-luxury watch is is attached to an orange fabric Velcro strap. Priced at 770,000 Euros (or approx. $850,000) the brand-new RM 27-02 is limited to just 50 pieces.

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What do you get when two petrol inspired Italian brands team up to build a two-wheeler? You get the Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rubmble.
The fine folks at Ducati and Pirelli collaborated with Vibrazioni Art Design (known for their bespoke furniture) to customize this drastically altered Scrambler motorcycle. The bike sees a shortened stock chassis, aluminum windshield complete with an added smoke headlight housing a circular LED light (a nod to the classic Scrambler series), and original lids removed for monocoque made of sheets recovered from industrial bins – all of which was not only hammered, but shaped completely by hand as well. To give the bike its smooth finish, the shell was coated in a transparent polyurethane gloss. There’s custom art found on the sides of the bike’s tank by Vibrazioni, designed to replicate the impressions left by the Pirelli MT 60 RS tires found on both the front and rear wheels. Continue reading

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Self Charging Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a handy way to get around town. Get that hipster look without all the work. Of course it’s a bummer when they run out of juice. The Self Charging Electric Bike is one that you can count on to always have a charge.

Self-charging may be a bit of a misnomer. This bike doesn’t have a perpetual motion engine on it or anything like that. When it runs out of charge, it can be recharged by peddling, you know, like a normal bike. Your hard work gives life back to the lithium-ion battery. Don’t worry though, it can also be charged in five and a half hours via AC adapter.

It goes up to 16 MPH and can be ridden for up to 18 miles on a full charge if only using the electric but you if alternate, say, peddle when the road is smooth and use the motor for hills, then you can get up to 28 mile rides. Which is perfect when you want to get some exercise in but not too much. $3,800.

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This beautiful house in Finca Sa Pedra, Mallorca is like a dream come true. Light-flooded rooms, rough stones, white walls, and minimalist interior design create an amazing environment where design meets nature in the most natural way.

Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi renovated and converted the house made, which is made out of of large, rough, yellow sandstone blocks while surrounded by cornfields and olive trees. At Sa Pedra nature is an integral part of the architecture and enters into dialog with modern design elements. Continue reading

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Pixelmator’s photo-editing app is coming to the iPhone

After testing the waters on Mac and iPad successfully, Pixelmator is now bringing its highly rated image editor to Apple’s iPhone. Finally. Most notably, the application will feature new editing elements to assist while you’re on the go, including a distort tool that lets you warp a photo to your liking and see the changes in real-time. The soon-to-be universal iOS app is going to be available for $5 starting tomorrow, or as a free update to people who already own the iPad version. Oddly enough, the Pixelmator app seems to have disappeared from the App Store in recent hours, but we’re sure it’ll be back there in time for tomorrow’s scheduled launch.



When it comes to Ducati, you generally don’t need to say much else, we’re in. Preface Ducati with Hazan Motorworks and we know we are in for serious motorcycle porn. Beginning with a Ducati 900, Hazan reworks the dynamics of the bike according to nothing else other than what’s in their imagination. In the case of this particular Ducati, it includes an entirely new angular frame playing host to a @95hp motor along with a bevy of other Hazan hand-crafted parts.

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