Sir David Attenborough has spent decades of his life putting animals and other natural phenomena to film. Attenborough Story of Life is a new app that lets you peruse his work on a subject-by-subject basis. Included in the app are segments from such esteemed shows as Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Life, covering everything from the tiniest insects to the largest creatures on Earth. A perfect warmup before Planet Earth II comes to the States.

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The thing about tool boxes is that, frankly, most of them aren’t all that well designed. Sure, they might be tough and offer ample storage space, but that’s about it. It seems like, after incorporating toughness and capacity, most companies just give up. What we much prefer is something that incorporates durability and space into a well-thought-out and stylish design. Like the Trail Can Tool Box from Rampage Products.

Made to resemble a Jerry Can – and taking up the exact same amount of space – this 14 gauge steel tool box opens to reveal two removable drawers, a lift-out tool tray, and screwdriver storage slots in the door. The drawers and tool tray also feature non-slip liners to keep your tools from rolling about. It also comes with a lock and a pair of keys so, when you’re not using its contents, it can be sealed up tight. Whether you want discretion for your in-garage tool storage or you’d rather keep a complement of tools instead of a gas can strapped to your off-road vehicle of choice, the Trail Can Tool Box is the right fit for you. It retails for $76. Continue reading

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IKEA Sladda Bicycle

Yep. An IKEA bicycle. It makes perfect sense, when you think about it — they’re headquartered in the Netherlands, the bicycle capital of the world. It’s no speed demon, but hey, it beats the hell out of horse meatballs. $499

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The mad geniuses at MB&F have released their eighth Horological Machine, curiously named the MB7. Looking to the sea for inspiration, the MB7 is ostensibly a dive watch — though with a 50-meter depth rating and near-$100,000 price tag, we don’t recommend you treat it as such. The watch features a rotating bezel that circles the entirety of the case rather than sitting atop it and a titanium or red gold case case (your choice), and it comes in at an absurdly large 53.8mm in diameter and 21.3mm thick. The automatic movement itself is vertically built, starting with the tentacle-shaped rotor at the bottom and culminating in a 60-second flying tourbillon at the top, two things every diver will tell you a good dive watch definitely needs. Continue reading

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Inspired by the classic Minerva Rally Timer stopwatch, the Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Rally Timer Counter Watch is the rare wristwatch that isn’t necessarily bound to your wrist. Thanks to strap attachments that fold underneath the case, it can convert from a wristwatch to pocket watch with ease, and can even clip onto a metal plate for use as a dashboard clock. It’s powered by a manually-wound monopusher calibre MB M16.29 movement, protected inside a water-resistant 50mm satin titanium case. Limited to just 100 examples. $39.500

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Leica’s M series is one of the most heralded in all of photography. The Leica M10 Camera is the latest to join its ranks, offering a mix of old and new technologies that elevate it above the rest. For starters, its body is closer in size to that of the company’s film-based M-models, making it more comfortable to use. Likewise, it has manual controls for shutter speed, focus, aperture, and ISO value, a first for a digital M. Yet despite these old-school features, it has a number of advanced improvements. An all-new 24 megapixel CMOS sensor offers improved ISO sensitivity, dynamic range, and sharpness, the latter thanks to the omission of a low-pass filter. A current-generation Maestro II image processor makes it the fastest M ever made, integrated GPS and WiFi add modern conveniences, and the lack of a video mode means it’s even easier to get down to the business of making photos.



In true sleek design fashion, Buster & Punch are back with their famed single light pendants. This time, however, they’re made from heavy metal, and we for one couldn’t be happier. Hanging from the ceiling in style, they’re sure to take your kitchen, dining room, or home bar area to the next level with their industrial influenced aesthetic.

Each E27 light pendant weighs in at a modest 426g, and of course looks best when paired with some LED Buster Bulbs. The bulbs come in three different variants: either crystal, gold, or smoked hues depending on your preferred look. They pendants themselves are also available in either matte black, steel or smoked bronze. Whatever combination you choose is sure to be a winner, though it is worth noting that these bulbs are not compatible with dimmer switches. Of course, Buster & Punch dimmer switches are available for purchase as well to ensure compatibility. Not to worry, though, anything more than a 40-watt bulb isn’t suggested for these pendants. It’s all about soft lighting with these handsome mood setters. Available for $110.

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Ford GT Ordering Kit

How cool is this? Ford is rolling out a new program that will allow customers to personalize their new Ford GT. Approved applicants will receive an ordering kit that allows them to physically piece together every aspect of their all-new supercar – everything from paint colors, wheel options, caliper colors, interior material samples and racing stripes. The high-quality kit comes in a carbon fiber case, complete with a latch identical to the one found on the Ford GT race car, and offers a unique hands-on tool for Ford GT customers to enhance their ordering experience of their dream car.

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How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products

It’s no secret that storytelling is a key tool for brands and marketers that want to connect with consumers—and boost sales. “There’s plenty of popular demand for good stories, if binge-watching, binge-listening, and binge-reading statistics are an indicator,” explained Ilya Vedrashko, svp and director of research at Hill Holliday’s consumer research arm, Origin. “Stories move not only people, but they also move product.”
But just how much? To find out, Origin created a series of experiments in which consumers were shown items paired with either standard descriptions or more detailed stories—from user reviews to creator bios, and even fiction. The results were clear. “Every time the product that had a story pulled in more money than the same product without one,” said Vedrashko. “That’s a lift on no additional investment.” Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Watch

Swiss watchmaker RJ-Romain Jerome has designed a new timepiece that will have a number of you reverting back to your childhood and one of Nintendo’s famed video games. So in addition to releasing watches inspired by various titles such as Tetris, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., now the company presents a new Donkey Kong delivery.

Limited to 80 units, the RJ X Donkey Kong watch is highlighted by a 46 mm titanium case and integrated ball-and-socket joints that aid in movement. Both Donkey Kong and Mario characters can then be seen on the watch face, as well as other details from the original 1981 video game.

Waterproof up to 30 meters, and featuring Swiss Made mechanical self-winding movement, you can snag this one-of-a-kind timepiece for a cool $16,500

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