This thing is 2,996 pieces of pure awesomeness. It measures in at 31 inches in length and spares absolutely no details. The comes with 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, a gasoline truck, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runaways, 4 road blocks, and a whole lot more. Of course no LEGO set would be complete without mini-figures. This set sees Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill, all in block form. And for the first time ever, LEGO has built 12 hero microfigures as well including Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and 8 SHIELD agents to populate your Helicarrier model. The set will be available this March, and will retail for $349.

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New from Henge Docks is this MacBook horizontal docking station, it aims to be the most intelligent docking station ever built, by featuring such things as an automated docking system, integrated vents, three connections for external displays, 13 ports such as six USB 3.0, two audio devices, HDMI and so on…it also has a Kensington lock to keep it safe. Making their motto “simplicity with potential” the drive for their work at Henge Docks, the guys made this new device really interesting and rich in content and possibilities. Made from elegantly machined metal, we assure you this will take your MacBook to a whole new level. $399



The latest bike to roll out of the Arizona based DP Customs shop is The Player, a custom HD 1200 Sportster built for the same owner of the Hollywood Motorcycle, one of their previous builds. The bike’s design was inspired by the classic 1978 F1 race car driven by the legendary Mario Andretti, and features a modified frame with a Progressive Suspension, Brembo brakes, Chainsikle & ISR controls, and an original gas tank, tail section, spoiler, and exhaust by DP Customs. Learn more about the custom build at DP Custom Cycles.

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It might look simple, but the technology inside the Barebones Canyon Lantern is anything but. Its military and mining lantern-inspired design belies its modern features, including rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 80 hours of light, a USB port that charges other gadgets, a 3W LED bulb that emits warm light, and an extendable lens that allows it to operate as everything from a flashlight to ambient lighting. Made from metal, it’s topped off by a built-in handle that makes it easy to both carry and hang. $69

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Going far beyond the typical round watch dial, the Urwerk UR-110 Watch displays the time using multiple satellite complications. The hours are shown in a series of rotating modules, while the minutes are displayed on the right side in a downward moving scale. Also visible up front is the day/night indicator and service interval display, while the dual turbine winding regulators can be seen through the rear of the titanium case. Available in three colors and with a variety of straps. $80.000

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Neiman Marcus may very well be at the pinnacle of luxury department store chains and that doesn’t stop them from constantly innovating new ideas to bring in more customers. Their dedicated Innovation Labs have been devising new ideas based on current trends in technology to better service clientele as well as entice and thrill potential new comers to the brand.

Their latest addition at three of their major locations viz. Austin, Chicago and Topanga features an interactive retail table. What look like stylish 70” long, 34” tall, and 26” wide wooden table places strategically in some of their department store sections is actually a really large display that features touchscreen interactivity and a fully fledged catalogue for users to peruse. Each of these displays support Ultra HD 4K resolutions and are fitted with a single, continuous pane of glass that can change to suite any Neiman Marcus color scheme in that section. The catalogues carry online as well as in-store items that users can view and ‘favorite’, add to Wishlists, or email product links to themselves or others for purchase later on. The system also features up-to-the-minute inventory which include items that will be coming soon, latest trend reports, etc. This will enable all staff to stay up to date with all items available in or coming to the store later on.

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Airbnb will transform a cable car suspended 9,000 ft over the French Alps into a luxury bedroom for one night only. The tech startup has announced a contest to win a night in this suspended bedroom above the French Alps ski resort of Courchevel. To be in with a chance of winning the Alpine stay, potential tenants must visit the cable car’s page on the Airbnb website and explain in 100 words why they would like to stay at the top of Saulire.

During the night of March 6, the cable car will be equipped with a bed and small living room for up to four guests traveling together. After climbing the mountain on a snowmobile, the four guests will be greeted with wine and dinner. All entries must be received by midnight on February 26. More information and full terms and conditions are available at Continue reading

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Coin was one of the coolest products we’ve ever covered. But unfortunately over a year later, there’s still no reliable retail version of the product. While Coin tries to get their act together, SWYP looks to take center stage.

SWYP lets you put all of your credit, debit and gift cards onto one shiny metal card, letting you free up wallet space and ease your mind of the stress of losing one of those many cards you’re toting around everyday. Simply use the interface on the card’s surface to select the card of choice, and swipe away. Every bit is encrypted (which makes it more secure than using your actual credit card) but it also won’t work if your phone is more than six feet away from you. SWYP actually pairs with your smartphone adding an extra layer of security while also offering additional services like the ability to send your friends and family gift cards. The all-in-one card is currently available for pre-order with plans to hit the retail scene for $49 this fall.

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With mobile devices pretty much taking over our daily lives, that means we have to find a place to charge them all, and on one wants to see all those messy cords. Griffin has come up with a clean solution in the PowerDock Pro.

Dubbed the ultimate home charging station, this thing certainly lives up to the hype. It features five slots capable of charging your choice of iOS or Android powered devices from smartphones to tablets, with any mixture of each you’d like. The charging station offers up a full 12 watts of power, and thanks to the sleek design, keeps all your device’s touchscreens visible during the entire charging process. The PowerDock features a built-in cord management system along with a hidden compartment to store cables when you’re just looking to store your mobile device. The product debuted at this year’s CES show, and Griffin plans on releasing it this Fall with a retail price of $129.99.

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