Land speed racing is a pastime that has turned out some of the most extraordinary two and four wheeled vehicles that have ever seen the light of day. Land speed machines are almost purely function-before-form, but it’s exceedingly rare to see an ugly one – a unique trait that I don’t think is common to any other form of motor racing.

The Buell-engined land speed racer pictured here is the work of French custom motorcycle builder Laurent Dutruel. It took second place honours at the 2013 AMD World Championship in Germany in the Freestyle Class, but it wasn’t built to compete in competitions where it stood still – it was built for Bonneville. Continue reading

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California-based Moonshiner Co. have given the classic mason jar a creative and useful twist, they have equipped it with a solar panel lid and low-profile LED lights inside, creating a lamp that provides up to 12 hours of warm, glowing light from one full charge. The 32 oz. Solar Mason Jar also features a magnetic clasp on the lid for turning it on & off. $25

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Netflix Urges You to ‘Binge for Love’ in Romantic Valentine’s Day Ad

We’ve already seen the Netflix data that says young people use their favorite shows and movies as guide posts for compatibility when looking for a partner. And here’s a new Netflix commercial that reinforces the idea that people who like the same shows are (probably) meant for each other.
And if you don’t like the same show? Well, just fake it.


Calma e Gesso Ping Pong Table

Gregg Brodarick of the B<D> Collection teamed up with Adriano Design of Italy to create the perfect duet of Italian style and technological innovation with Calma e Gesso, a brand that creates and manufactures elegant and unique game tables for billiards and table tennis.

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The Art Institute of Chicago has teamed up with Airbnb to enable guests to stay in its latest installation, a recreation of Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles painting. The rental was built to promote a new exhibition, Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, that opens at the museum on February 14 and runs until May 10. The exhibition is the first time that all three versions of the painting will be shown in North America.

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Why Jeep Ran a Vertical Ad on the Super Bowl With 112 Million Watching Horizontal Screens

Jeep’s “Portraits” ad, which aired at halftime of Super Bowl 50 and ended up being our favorite spot of the game, wasn’t just riveting in its content. It was radical in its format. On a night when 111.9 million viewers were watching the telecast on horizontal screens, “Portraits” was a vertical video—using less than half of the available screen space.

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160 square feet (15sqm) of living space

Wisconsin-based ESCAPE Homes created their latest “personal living space” VISTA at just 160 square feet, weighs just 6500 pounds and comes in at 20 feet long. On the exterior, they used cedar vertical siding with COR-TEN steel accent and protective panels. Inside the home, there is a full daybed/sleeping area, small kitchen, bathroom with full shower, small dining table, and multiple, storage areas. Prices start at $66.000
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We’ve seen plenty of books that tell you how to use your camera. As the title makes clear, This Book Is A Camera functions as a camera all by itself. Its pop-up design provides you with a pinhole camera just by opening the cover and popping in a couple tabs, with a lightproof bag, five pieces of photo paper “film”, and development instructions — ranging from a complete at-home process to outsourcing — included in the package. The photos it takes aren’t going to wow anyone, but as a piece of functional art, it’s both interesting and inspiring. $29

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Palmgren House

Palmgren House is a dwelling with a simple aesthetic, located on the shore of Lake Drevviken, designed by John Pawson.
This house takes the form of a simple box, with an enclosed courtyard at the back and a terrace to the front. Uncompromisingly contemporary, the architecture is nonetheless a quiet presence in the landscape. In winter, when the lake freezes over and the site is blanketed in snow, the pale volume is all but invisible. In summer, viewed from across the water, the elevations are fragmented by foliage. Inside the house is designed to be as open as possible to views over the lake, with spaces framed in simple surfaces and in a pale tonal palette. Continue reading


Yes finally! What’s better then a kite or easier then finding the right slope? Droneboarding is here!

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