How Pepsi Got It So Wrong: Unpacking One of the Most Reviled Ads in Recent Memory

Since the moment Pepsi released its new two-and-a-half minute spot—featuring Kendall Jenner, protesters and a message of unity via soda—response to the ad has been anything but positive.

According to data from Amobee Brand Intelligence, digital content engagement around Pepsi has increased significantly (366 percent in just a day), but 43 percent has mentioned Black Lives Matter, 31 percent has labeled the ad as “tone-deaf” and 10 percent has tagged it as the “worst ever.” Amobee also looked at content engagement around the term “tone-deaf” in the last day, and 77 percent of digital content using the term mentioned Kendall Jenner and Pepsi.

So what happened? How did Pepsi get here and what can marketers learn from this debacle? Continue reading


Jeep’s First Snapchat Lens Makes Your Hair Fly Around Like You’re Driving With the Top Down

If you open Snapchat tomorrow to use one of the app’s face-swapping lenses, you’ll see an ad for Jeep that makes it look like your hair is blowing around while you’re driving a car.

This is the second year that Jeep has used Snapchat for its “4×4 Day” campaign. Last year the brand ran sponsored geofilters where users could apply a graphic of mud tracks over photos and videos and the brand also opened an account to push out organic content.

Instead of geofilters, Jeep created a sponsored lens this year because, “of the popularity of the feature on Snapchat—they’re seeing that is their No. 1 engagement mechanism on the platform,” said Marcie Perez, Jeep brand media and social media manager. Continue reading

This Guy Was Georgia’s 6 Millionth Tourist, and He Got One Incredible Surprise

Sandwiched between Turkey and Russia, the Republic of Georgia recently greeted its 6 millionth tourist (per the nation’s best estimate, at least) with a surprise VIP experience that included dinner with the prime minister.

The lucky winner was Jesper Black, a Dutch traveler who flew into the capital of Tbilisi to visit friends living there. He had planned to explore the city by day and spend time with his friends at night. From the moment he checked in at customs, however, things took a surprising turn. Here’s a case study video of how it went down:

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What It Took for Absolut to Pull Off a Major Product Launch at the Grammy Awards

In February 2017, Absolut launched its first new flavor in over four years: Absolut Lime. A lot was banking on this rollout, considering the sharp decline in vodka sales beginning in 2014, a rise in competition from the whiskey market and a growing fatigue of sickly sweet flavors like cookie-dough vodka.

In a major activation effort with 360i, Absolut landed on the 59th annual Grammy Awards as the venue for the new product debut to target younger drinkers, between the ages of 21 and 30. Continue reading


Letto Dog Bed

Designed by Belgian interior and product designer Gerd Couckhuyt for international pet brand MiaCara (Italian for “my darling or “my dear”), the Letto dayBed is the perfect perch for your pooch. The form is simple enough: sturdy aluminum body with raised side panels and a raised rear that give Fido a sense of security while also preventing his or her favorite toy from falling out if they decide to bring it with them. The powder-coated aluminum body is available bare or with a natural wood veneer and sits atop natural ash wood feet that ooze fifties style. No bed would be complete without a mattress, and the Letto dayBed has a foam / polyester wadding and 100% Trevira CS fabric composition that’s comfortable for the dog while also being easy to clean and machine washable. It’s pricey, but the handmade dog bed is the only thing stylish enough to look proper sitting in a study or living room next to an Eames chair. €900

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Québec’s Fun Tourism Campaign

Last spring, the shop rolled out a clever and inspired Québec tourism campaign that showed a blind man touring the Canadian province—the point being, Québec offers such a rich experience, for all your senses, that seeing it with your eyes is just a small part of the picture.

Now, a year later, lg2 has come up with another delightful tourism idea. The agency created a documentary called “A Room With Many Views,” in which it invited two travelers, Glennis LaRoe and Kip Geddes, to come to Québec for a very special adventure indeed: They were transported around the province in a mobile room (moved by helicopters, boats, trucks and more) and woke up in a different place each morning—from the St. Lawrence River to the historic Château Frontenac to the Foresta Lumina. Continue reading


CliniCloud Medical Kit

CliniCloud is the new connected medical kit that includes a digital stethoscope and a non contact thermometer, combining the data from both devices will allow you to have a better judgment about what´s going on with your health. You can even get a medical consultation from the comfort of your home (they have partnered with Doctor On Demand), sending your physician relevant information that can insure proper diagnosis. It also comes with an app, available for IOS or Android, that integrates the whole information and even provides a timeline so you can check your health´s evolution while storing the important info on your phone or Cloud. Imagined by two physicians and developed by a talented team, this could very well be your family´s new best friend. The app also has some operating instructions that guide you in order to make sure you use the instruments correctly; anyone is able to use it without prior training and you can manage multiple accounts so that the whole family may use it. $149

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Why ‘Car Guys’ Are 4 Times More Valuable to Marketers Than Average Consumers

Auto enthusiasts are more valuable than you realize.
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Superfans are a powerful target audience for brands and marketers—almost twice as valuable overall, to be exact. That’s according to “The Power of the Enthusiast,” a new study by The Enthusiast Network (TEN) and GfK, which examines the purchase behavior and influence of “enthusiasts” in the automotive, adventure sports/outdoor and home tech categories.

Enthusiasts are defined, in the study, as consumers who are passionate about a certain category, and are looked to by friends and family as trusted advice givers who offer recommendations via word-of-mouth or social media. They’re consulted for advice on a purchase three times more than the average consumer. Continue reading


One Year on a Bike

Bicycle travel is about going slowly, exploring the world and seeing it for the first time, also bringing back the most indelible memories about the people you’ve met. “One Year on a Bike” is a new book that documents Martijn Doolaard´s cycling journey from Amsterdam to Singapore, it is simultaneously a travelogue and visual journey, and depicts his long adventurous ride, plus the pleasure, the pain, and the lessons learned through traveling. Doolaard shares the gear and knowledge that made his trip possible alongside the passionate curiosities that served as his impetus. €40 Continue reading

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Studios Flirt With Offering Movies Early in Home for $30

Six of the seven biggest Hollywood studios are continuing to push to offer movies in the home mere weeks after their theatrical debuts.

However, the companies, particularly Fox and Warner Bros., are showing greater flexibility about timing. Initially, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara had kicked off negotiations with exhibitors by offering to cut them in on a percentage of digital revenues if they agreed to let them debut films on-demand for $50 a rental some 17 days after they opened. Currently, most major movies are only made available to rent some 90 days after their release. Some studios offer films for sale electronically roughly 70 days after their bow in theaters. Continue reading