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Now All The Other Brands Are Also Dropping The Headphone Jack

Earlier last month Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. While not ground-breaking in terms of new features, and very similar in terms of exterior design, Apple still made enough changes to the device, especially in terms of hardware, to make it worth the upgrade for many. One of the biggest news has been the fact that Apple dropped the headphone jack with its new iPhone 7.
Today the USB Implementers Forum published its long-expected Audio Device Class 3.0 specification, which gives smartphone makers the standard they need to push sound through USB-C ports on all their devices. What does that mean? Well, it means that they will also not need a headphone jack anymore in the future. Once again it looks like Apple was slightly ahead of the curve here and what may seem strange today, might actually end up being the norm tomorrow. It remains to be seen how many smartphone and device makers will adopt the new standard and how fast.


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