AIRHELP or How to Get Reimbursed for a Delayed Flight

With a whopping 45.2 million passengers expected to travel by air this holiday season, unforeseen setbacks are likely. But this time around, don’t settle for a $10 meal voucher if you’re hit with a flight delay.

AirHelp fights to earn compensation for customers hampered by delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. So long as the hindrance is not the result of extraordinary circumstances (e.g. severe weather or labor strikes), airlines are obligated to provide recompense for delayed or canceled flights — up to $560 for flights delayed 1–2 hours, or $1,300 for delays greater than 2 hours.

By consulting a database of flight information, court judgments and existing laws, AirHelp determines whether a delay is eligible for compensation and files a claim accordingly. If the airline refuses to comply, AirHelp takes the case to court. And while AirHelp takes a 25 percent cut for successful reimbursements, it’s a fair price to pay considering you’d receive nothing otherwise.

Posted in Tech on December 21st 2016 comments

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