Zaborin – Japans Perfect Winter Getaway

“I used to walk over the land in all seasons, in weather like this, snowshoeing, getting a feel for the place, where the sun comes up, where the wind comes from,” Peter “Shouya” Grigg said, describing time spent on his plot of secluded land in the Hanazono woods of Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan. The weather he mentioned is the near-constant snow that falls on this part of Hokkaido, a permanent scrim of white that produces 50 feet of fluffy powder during an average season. It makes for some of the best and most reliable skiing on earth at nearby ski resort Niseko United. And on this land, just a few miles from Hirafu, the resort’s boisterous ski town, he’s built what may be the country’s most interesting and exquisite boutique hotel: Zaborin.zaborin-ryokan-gear-patrol-970-2 zaborin-ryokan-gear-patrol-970-3 zaborin-ryokan-gear-patrol-970 DSC_8114-Edit DSC_1749-XL DSC_7196-X2

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