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McDonald’s Nutella Burger

Good news, world — McDonald’s has singlehandedly saved this god awful year of election losses and celebrity deaths with the creation of the world’s first Nutella burger. The only thing is, you’ll have to travel to Italy to get your hands on one.

Before you all shriek in horror at the thought of a beef and chocolate combo, the ‘Sweety con Nutella,’ as it’s named in Italian, is actually made with a very thick wedge of the popular hazelnut spread sandwiched between two of the fast food giant’s buns. It doesn’t contain any meat.

It comes in a signature burger box, just like a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder, and will be served in the chain’s cafes. It was announced on the McDonald’s Italy Facebook page last week with the message: “A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist.”

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