The mad geniuses at MB&F have released their eighth Horological Machine, curiously named the MB7. Looking to the sea for inspiration, the MB7 is ostensibly a dive watch — though with a 50-meter depth rating and near-$100,000 price tag, we don’t recommend you treat it as such. The watch features a rotating bezel that circles the entirety of the case rather than sitting atop it and a titanium or red gold case case (your choice), and it comes in at an absurdly large 53.8mm in diameter and 21.3mm thick. The automatic movement itself is vertically built, starting with the tentacle-shaped rotor at the bottom and culminating in a 60-second flying tourbillon at the top, two things every diver will tell you a good dive watch definitely needs.


Posted in Style on January 20th 2017 comments

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