Glamping In Antarctica

When you think of places you’d like to go glamping, chances are Antarctica isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But once you realize the awe-inspiring experiences, unparalleled scenery, and cozy pods that await you, it might just move to the top of your list. White Desert is a tour company whose mission is to give people an opportunity to see and experience the “real Antarctica.” They fly down small of groups of people from Cape Town, South Africa on a flight that takes five and a half hours, set them up in a camp, and help them experience Antarctica in any way they want, whether that means simply relaxing or going on adrenaline pumping adventures. 7 days starts at $62.000 p/pNear the camp, guests can experience all sorts of things, including ice tunnels, ice waves, rock climbing, kite skiing, picnics, science base-camps and abseiling (a controlled descent down the side of a steep rock face). But that’s just the beginning. Each group that heads down to Antarctica chooses one of three adventure packages. These packages include things like a trip to see the Emperor Penguins, a trek to the South Pole, and various mountain hikes.glamping_230816_05 glamping_230816_06 glamping_230816_07b glamping_230816_09 glamping_230816_04 glamping_230816_03

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