Azucar Hotel In Monte Gordo

Azucar Hotel in Monte Gordo, Veracruz is an assemblage of 20 whitewashed bungalows with small, private terraces overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Inspired by the local sugarcane industry, each bungalow is named after one of the mills in the area. This is a slow-life experience a visitor can find in Azucar, with an access to hotel’s open-air ‘biblioteca’ or outdoor spa. Designed by Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha of Grupo Habita, they kept the surrounding landscape in mind when working on the site.

“We use a local team every time we build a hotel, and we read the surroundings and their traditions to integrate the local culture into our project.”azucar-hotel-in-monte-gordo-is-inspired-by-local-sugarcane-industry-8 azucar-hotel-in-monte-gordo-is-inspired-by-local-sugarcane-industry-2 azucar-hotel-in-monte-gordo-is-inspired-by-local-sugarcane-industry-7 azucar-hotel-grupo-habita-monte-gordo-6 azucar-hotel-grupo-habita-monte-gordo-5 azucar-hotel-grupo-habita-monte-gordo-4 azucar-hotel-grupo-habita-monte-gordo-3 azucar-hotel-grupo-habita-monte-gordo-1 azucar-hotel-in-monte-gordo-is-inspired-by-local-sugarcane-industry-3

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