Looking like something that a very stylish grim-reaper would ride, this new build from custom motorcycle shop Rough Crafts is aptly named Onyx Blade. Built to order for a resident of Taipei, this modified Yamaha MT-07 is perfect for ripping through traffic in the densely populated city.

As the head of the Taiwanese shop, Winston Yeh told the guys at Bike Exif that the most attractive and interesting part of the Yamaha MT-07 is the frame of the bike. In his opinion, too much of the stock elements set on that frame are over-designed and take away from its appeal – so when Rough Crafts set out on this project, they made sure to find a way to accentuate the frame. Rough Crafts achieved just that by replacing much of the bodywork with more angular matte-black aluminum pieces. In addition to that, Yeh modified the front end by shortening the forks and making them a good deal stiffer and added on sharp-looking covers. Few take too much of an issue with the stock engine on the MT-07, so modifications on the engine were restricted to just an addition of K&N Filters and an Akrapovič exhaust. Throughout the rest of the bike there are some finer details, like the instrument panel on the gas tank, the headlight grille, and seat. The overall result is one mean looking bike that highlights the best of what the original frame had to offer – and then some.

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