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There’s a new American motorcycle company on the block. Based in New York and preparing to unleash three new models based around a gigantic, 117 cubic inch (1917cc) S&S v-twin motor, Vanguard Motorcycles is unveiling its first bike at this weekend’s New York Motorcycle Show. The Roadster is a massive, frameless nakedbike built around and upon a giant 1917cc v-twin engine. To put it mildly, you’re not going to mistake it for anything else.If the Vanguard Roadster has a theme to its design, that theme is metal. Metal just about everywhere. You get the sense that if the designers thought they could get away with using aircraft grade aluminum for the tires, they would have. The only more egregious use of aluminum I’ve seen was on the Confederate P120 Fighter Combat back in 2009.
That’s no coincidence. If you look at this thing and get a Confederate kind of vibe, that’d be because Vanguard CTO Edward Jacobs was Director of Design for Confederate between 2005 and 2011. In fact Jacobs’ partner in Vanguard, CEO Francois-Xavier Terny, was a board member at Confederate for many years, as well.

vanguard-roadster-20At US$29,995, with production slated for 2018, the Vanguard Roadster is at the premium end of the market, certainly – but another way to look at it might be that it offers Confederate-level presence at a much cheaper price point.
The company says this first motorcycle will soon be joined by two more models built on the same platform – a cruiser and a sportsbike. It’ll be very interesting to see how this chunky metal machine translates to the sportsbike, in particular.

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