Tickets Are Now on Sale for Anish Kapoor’s World’s Tallest Slide

Ever since London hosted the Olympics in 2012 there has been a gargantuan addition to the city’s skyline. The ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower is the largest piece of public art in Britain, and it has now been given a seriously inspired update. Called “The Slide,” it is quite literally a slide that will be the tallest in the world, and open for business this June.

Originally designed by conceptual artist superstar Anish Kapoor, the new slide has been executed alongside Belgian engineer Carsten Höller and London firm bblur architecture. The slide shoots visitors down a dizzying 178m circuit at 15 mph, clocking in at a full 40-second trip, and is set to become a permanent fixture on the original tower, making it one of multiple attractions within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. See the video below for a behind-the-scenes video of its construction.

The slide will be opening on June 24, but you can book tickets for a visit now.

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