Sometimes all it takes is a little innovation from a college student to take an existing product or idea and completely change the landscape in which it exists. Such is the case with Geun Pack, a student at Hongik University on Sejong University’s campus in Seoul, South Korea. His project, the Tag Heuer Board, is a prototype that befits commuters of all types, and we can only hope this electric skateboard get developed further.

Aesthetically the electric board hosts a classy yet modern combination of matte black carbon fiber with rose gold trimmings around the deck and wheels. It’s built for the commute, although it may function well as a means for getting people to their destinations a tad early seeing how it can reach speeds up to 60mph. It can get up to 35 miles between charges and comes with a remote control featuring an LED interface that allows each rider to easily maintain speed and manage the breaks thanks to the remote’s ergonomic thumb wheel. And when the board is not in use, riders can store the remote on the deck in a built-in compartment. Not bad for a graduation project.

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