Time to give T-Pain a run for his money. Introducing the Super Sports SS18 Glider Yacht, a refined yet speedy execution in luxury. At first glance, this glider resembles more of a sports car than a yacht. That’s because they’re engineered and built in the same manner found in Formula 1 cars.

The Glider boasts an ultimate performance in marine design, offering an enjoyable, fun, and often times exhilarating experience atop our beloved waterways thanks to its quick and silent nature. The SS18 has the ability to reach speeds up to 56 knots on the open water and boasts room for up to four guests next to the pilot. It’s manufactured in the United Kingdom with the latest marine composites and materials. And thanks to its elevated deck and thin pontoon-esque design, the Glider will indeed slice across the sea’s surface in a smooth manner, keeping everyone on board nice and dry while en route to the fundraiser. Interested in going faster? Check out their Hyper Sports version that reaches speeds up to 96 knots. Prices are available upon request.Super-Sports-SS18-Glider-3

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