One of the best things about cycling is how widely varied the sport can be. Even on the same route and in the same conditions – one bike can give you a completely different kind of ride and feel than another. The kind of feel SpeedX wants to give you with their brand new Unicorn Smart road bike? An incredibly powerful one.

SpeedX looks to achieve just that by integrating their 870 gram carbon fiber frame with a proprietary integrated bike computer, Zipp wheels, and wireless SRAM eTap Hydro HC groupset. The result of a year of research and development, this frame is made up of 4 different types of carbon fiber that have been layered differently for each part of the bike. This allows for a ride this is both stiff, but flexible when you need it most. And thanks to the fact that the crank features a powered meter that lasts for up to 400 hours and delivers nearly perfectly accurate measurements right back up to the computer in the cockpit. All of this means that you can climb, sprint, and descend with both speed and control. this bike is expected to retail for $4,000.

Posted in Ride on January 31st 2017 comments

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