Leave it to Roland Sands Design to customize a handsome tribute to a 1930s BMW out of an R NineT. The goal was to replicate the classic lines reminiscent of early BMW motorcycles and by the looks of the final project, we’d say Roland Sands can chalk this project up as another success story for their portfolio.

The reason behind choosing the NineT was in its adaptability. It’s a fairly easy machine to work with so they kept a significant portion of the frame intact. However, adding a 19” Hutch front wheel, using a GP suspension to build that unique fork and blacking out the entire build certainly wasn’t a bad idea at all. The added suspension, an Ohlins shock in the back, and their one-off dual exhaust with a new stainless Track pipe added a whole dosage of aggression to this build too. RSD also outfitted the bike with a slew of their own Radial parts including a valve cover, a set of swing-arm pivot plugs, gauge housing, oil-filler cap, rear axle plugs, headlight bezel, rear drive pivot plug, and a breast plate for good measure. The end result is a proper tribute to the ’30s look but with the performance of a modern machine. I guess once a racer kid, always a racer kid.

BMW-R-NineT-Classic-By-Roland-Sands-Design-01 BMW-R-NineT-Classic-By-Roland-Sands-Design-07 BMW-R-NineT-Classic-By-Roland-Sands-Design-09 BMW-R-NineT-Classic-By-Roland-Sands-Design-011

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