Old Empire Motorcycles The Snipe

This striking build named “Snipe” started as a 2014 Yamaha SR400, it was striped down to its essentials and fitted with carefully engineered handmade components. From 3D machined yokes and switch gear to the hand beaten aluminium front and rear cowling, this beauty has been removed of all the modern frivolity’s and resculpted into a streamlined racer with Old Empire´s usual attention to detail and classic styling.old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-2 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-3 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-4 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-5 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-6 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-7 old-empire-motorcycles-the-snipe-10

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