When Untitled Motorcycles in San Francisco was contacted by Jim MacLaughlin of Marin Speed Shop with an offer to build a limited edition Ducati that would stun the world, they duly obliged. The finished product, the “HyperScrambler,” is a true jaw-dropper.

Untitled started by sourcing a Ducati Monster S2R swingarm, a UMC-designed custom petrol tank, and giving the bike a slim new design, which it felt was “compatible with the Scrambler’s DNA.” From that point onwards, the build was geared towards stripping and removing all unnecessary components, resulting in a bike that is 85lbs lighter than the original.

Visually, the new UMC Scrambler design consists of three core elements: engine, frame and body. The engine and other mechanical parts have been stripped to bare metal and vapor-blasted to celebrate their raw mechanical nature. The frame has been painted in “Rosso Corsa,” a neon orange color that Ducati uses for their Moto GP race bikes.

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