Filld and Bentley

On an average a motorist spends 5 – 7 minutes at a gas station and this does not include the commute to the gas station itself. Till date the only way to avoid such a criminal wastage of time was to get an electric vehicle. But not anymore, Bentley has collaborated with an American startup Filld – a mobile app based fuel delivery service that will allow Bentley owners in California to order fuel from their smartphones. All the Bentley customer needs to do, is choose a delivery time and a Filld executive car will come in a delivery truck and fill up the car. To keep costs low for someone driving a $200k car Filld will only charge $3 – $5 delivery charge on top of the fuel cost which is billed to the customer via the app. On the weekdays the deliveries are done in the middle of the night, the customer need be awake to open the fuel lid or keep it open, or identify the car among their fleet, Bentley”s clever integration does all this including letting the Filld employee remotely open the car’s fuel lid.

Posted in Ride on October 7th 2016 comments

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