Though some may say a Scrambler need not a set of oversized tires to be considered as such, the crew at Down & Out Cafe Racers appears to disagree. Based out of Great Britain, D&O are no strangers to enhancing a custom bike in this manner, so they decided to give this the 2015 Ducati a go.

Since the Ducati at hand already possessed the body of a Scrambler, Down & Out decided to first tackle the wheels, adding a custom set of 17-inch wheels with a 180-wide front tire, complete with a custom spindle, wheel spacers and a new speedometer mount courtesy of Fastec Custom Racing. Also added was a custom seat, new front fender and headlight. Also, adding a taste of refinement to the build are several Italian parts from Rizoma, including the air box, front brake reservoir cap, lower fork guards and chain guard among others. Finally, the custom bike outfit wanted to contribute a sump guard, frame plugs and an Öhlins rear shock to the Scrambler as well. And with all these hookups, coupled with its oversized tires, there’s no doubt in our mind this thing cruises like a champion.2015-Ducati-Scrambler-By-Down-Out-Cafe-Racers-5 2015-Ducati-Scrambler-By-Down-Out-Cafe-Racers-4 2015-Ducati-Scrambler-By-Down-Out-Cafe-Racers-2 2015-Ducati-Scrambler-By-Down-Out-Cafe-Racers-1

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