It’s no secret that fans of the cafe racer culture during the ’50s and ‘60s are aware of the more aggressive looking street fighter bike movement inspired by the Japanese builds of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Wenley Andrews is one such devotee and this build, which in one way or another has been in the works for nearly eight years, is something of his magnum opus.

It all began with a 154 horsepower 2004 Honda Fireblade, with which he widened the wheel rim to make room for an 180-section tire up front, installed a swing arm and front end from a Honda VFR, and wrapped a car rim within the monstrous 240 tire out the back. Andrews also mixed things up a bit with the body as well, opting for a retro tracker seat and headlight allowing this build to deviate a bit from the pure street fighter aesthetic. It also features a handful of Motogadget gear, including a mini speedometer, idiot light, bar-end, and mini-blinkers. He also built out a custom exhaust system, “double shotgun style,” as he puts it to round out this wild build he calls Angry Bird, though we doubt the child’s game had anything to do with the mean street fighter/cafe racer hybrid.

2004-Honda-CBR954RR-Fireblade-22Angry-Bird22-6 2004-Honda-CBR954RR-Fireblade-22Angry-Bird22-1 2004-Honda-CBR954RR-Fireblade-22Angry-Bird22-3

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