Just this week Airbus unveiled their insane luxury helicopter for the millionaires and billionaires of the world; a $22 million H160 VIP variant of the most technologically-advanced choppers in our skies today. In short, it’s a super villain lair that flies.

Each VIP is based on the H160, which is known as the world’s first all-composite civil helicopter that can cruise at speeds of up to 185 mph with a range of 500 miles. Each copter boasts seating capacity for 12 and two fuel-efficient Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines that provide these flying Maseratis with over 1,300 shaft horsepower. The interior is nothing short of impressive either, upholstered in rich leather with wooden and metallic features customizable to buyers specifications. Orders for these helicopters are set to begin delivery in 2018. Prototypes have been able to reach an altitude of 20,000 feet and performed turns at up to 2.2Gs. Airbus-H160-VIP-Helicopter-2 Airbus-H160-VIP-Helicopter-1

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