Recently released at this year’s EICMA show, the Aero E-Racer is fortunately one of those electric motorcycles you wouldn’t be ashamed of riding. It’s a product of almost a year of R&D by Aero Motorcycles and Italian motorcycle magazine InMoto while the build itself is based on the Tactita T-Race rally motorcycle.

Clearly, it’s designed after off-road rally bikes, boasting an aluminum frame that supports the Racer’s sleek and handsome leather saddle. At the front of the bike, blue LEDs light up the darkness in a futuristic manner while the kevlar and carbon fiber body make this a light and quick breed. It’s all powered by an electric three-phase induction engine offering 34hp thanks to a 10.6 kWh battery pack. It’s all controlled by a five-speed gearbox, rides atop 19-inch wheels, and hosts a range of 100 miles of city riding and 75 miles of highway riding at speeds of 55mph. The Aero also charges from 20 percent to full power in under four hours. No word on pricing just yet but feel free to drop them a line if interested.

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