View-Master 2016

On Dec. 1, Walmart stores will begin stocking the new View-Master, completing a national retail rollout that Mattel began several weeks back.
For those (under 30) people who don’t instantly recognize the name, View-Master is an iconic toy from the pre-digital era, and it’s one that Mattel has devoted considerable time and resources to redesign and reissue for a 21st century audience.
Equipped with a smartphone, an app, and View-Master’s lightweight plastic viewer, users will be able to “travel” to far-flung locations (space, famous cities, below the ocean, etc.)—all for $29.99.
Affordable, attainable virtual reality has been a buzzworthy topic ever since Google debuted its Cardboard viewer last year. But what makes the new View-Master significant is its target audience: For a change, this VR gadget isn’t aimed at grownup tech fans.
“We’re the first company making this for an age 7-plus audience,” said Aslan Appleman, Mattel’s product lead on the View-Master project. “We made it kid-friendly and mom-approved. It’s the first foray into virtual reality for kids.” See it here.

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