Turn Your iPhone’s Light Into a Lamp

YOUR SMARTPHONE’S FLASHLIGHT is good for a few things: Seeing in the dark, for starters. Or waving during a particularly emotional song at a concert. It also happens to be the perfect lightbulb for this tiny 3-D printed lamp.

Italian designer Nazzareno Ruspolini created a series of lamps that clamp onto the side of your phone and sit atop your flashlight. It’s called the Ibat-Jour, and it’s freakin’ adorable. Ruspolini has been making the white accessories for a few years now, and they come in four shapes, as to cater to most decorative preferences.

Looking at the photos, it looks like the semi-translucent lamps do a pretty good job of diffusing what’s otherwise a blinding beam of light. We’re still not sure how practical they are, exactly. But does it matter when they’re this cute?ibat-jour-iphone-lamp-series-2-1024x717

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