Let’s face it, mornings aren’t always the most joyful time of day. You’re tired, not fully awake, and the coffee has yet to be brewed and breakfast yet to be made. It’s rough out there, we know. That’s why the Toasteroid is here to bring a smile to your face, if only for a second while you prepare for your hour-long traffic-infused commute.

Yes, the Toasteroid is indeed a toaster but at second glance it’s so much more. Imagine turning your toaster into a drawing board for doodling, receiving weather updates and reminders, and even send messages to others waiting patiently for their perfectly browned morning staple. It’s all possible with the Toasteroid thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. These messages, reminders, and drawings are then “browned” into the bread, posing not only as a friendly reminder but curing your hunger pangs at the same time. It boasts a wide slot fitting a variety of bread types, a crumb tray to keep things clean, reheat and defrost modes and it’s built from die-cast aluminum. The Toasteroid is currently available for reservation on Kickstarter where prices start at $59.

Posted in Gadgets on August 12th 2016 comments

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