What makes a trip memorable isn’t necessarily the destination but the journey itself. And if memory serves us right it stands to reason that analog journaling is one of best ways to keep track of each day’s highlights, lowlights, and lessons learned. Thankfully Iron & Resin along with Word Notebooks teamed up to offer motorcyclists everywhere this pocket-sized rider’s log to keep track of their daily rides.

Dubbed The Rider Journal, each book is made up of two distinct sections, a ride log and build log. Both allows enthusiasts the ability to document the journey and the life of your bike. From the shorter day trips to week-long cross-country escapades to late-night joyrides. Document it all thanks to Word’s already built-out pages including blocks for weather conditions, distance, locations, destinations, description of each ride etc. Each journal is made here in the United States, serving as a time capsule years down the road where memories of the open road will be a welcome reminder once the bike gets traded in for the family minivan. Cherish these fleeting moments while you still can. $12

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