The thing about tool boxes is that, frankly, most of them aren’t all that well designed. Sure, they might be tough and offer ample storage space, but that’s about it. It seems like, after incorporating toughness and capacity, most companies just give up. What we much prefer is something that incorporates durability and space into a well-thought-out and stylish design. Like the Trail Can Tool Box from Rampage Products.

Made to resemble a Jerry Can – and taking up the exact same amount of space – this 14 gauge steel tool box opens to reveal two removable drawers, a lift-out tool tray, and screwdriver storage slots in the door. The drawers and tool tray also feature non-slip liners to keep your tools from rolling about. It also comes with a lock and a pair of keys so, when you’re not using its contents, it can be sealed up tight. Whether you want discretion for your in-garage tool storage or you’d rather keep a complement of tools instead of a gas can strapped to your off-road vehicle of choice, the Trail Can Tool Box is the right fit for you. It retails for $76.Rampage-Products-Trail-Can-Tool-Box-02

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