Plume Adaptive WiFi System

These devices are basically pods that plug into your wall socket and when you plug many of them around your home, they essentially form a mesh network that blankets your entire home with WiFi, with the goal being that you’ll be able to get a strong signal regardless of where you are.

This is supposed to be an improvement over current routers which might not have quite as even coverage. The good news is that if you liked what you saw, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Plume pods are now available for purchase where each pod is priced at $69, or alternatively you could buy them in bulk where a three-pack is sold at $179, while a six-pack will go for $329, and they are available in champagne, silver, or black finishes.
This is actually cheaper than other options out there, such as the recently launched Google WiFi where it is priced at $299 for a three-pack. Using the pods appear to be pretty straightforward. One pod needs to be plugged into your router, while the rest can be plugged into power outlets around your home wherever you please.

Posted in Gadgets on December 6th 2016 comments

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