Just because it’s a bit chillier outside these days doesn’t at all mean that grilling season is over. On the contrary, grill if you want to, and grill like you mean it. And with this new PK360 Grill & Smoker, you’ll be smoking brisket and grilling award winning steaks throughout the winter.

The new iteration is a first for PK Grills in 40 years. Not to worry, though, it still hosts the same quality materials and functions as well as ever, just with a couple modern nuances. It features 360 square inches of cooking space (ideal for either fast grilling or slow smoking), is built from cast aluminum for enhanced durability, and hosts four separate vents as to provide cookers with an efficient heat chamber unseen from ordinary charcoal grills. The lower charcoal grate is also made from Marine-Grade Stainless Steel and its sleek design will keep you motivated to grill or smoke straight into next Memorial Day. Interested buyers can reserve one on their pre-sale special for $900.

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