Nifty Battery Pack Charges Your Smartphone Six Times Faster

476bd5ceba2e0ee610f585e24c9d729b9cf87126_main_hero_imageWith the arrival of USB-C, it’s finally possible to charge your devices faster than ever before. The pocket-friendly Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack takes full advantage of the technology, supercharging USB devices new and old wherever you go. Utilizing Qualcomm 2.0 Fast Charging technology, the PowerPod is able to deliver power at unprecedented speed. For instance, the iPhone 7 charges 4.5 times faster when connected to this battery. And as all Apple enthusiasts know, the latest Macbook Pro will charge up via USB-C with no AC outlet in sight, making the Nifty extremely convenient on long trips. Aside from speed and versatility, the battery squeezes an impressive 10,000mAh into a very compact design perfect for travel. $50

Posted in Gadgets on February 20th 2017 comments

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