New TomTom Start satnavs go beyond phones

Splashing out on a satnav these days needs to have justification, thanks to plenty of free mobile alternatives. That’s why the new TomTom Start range of satnavs are offering more than ever before.
The TomTom Start 42, 52 and 62 all come with free lifetime maps, meaning no paying for updates – but you’d expect that now with Google Maps offering so much for free. It’s the average speed camera smarts that really appeal.
Thanks to the TomTom database, the average speed zones can be navigated more safely. The TomTom Start satnavs will measure your average speed while within those zones so you know if you can go a little faster or need to slow down over the distance of that area. These areas are increasing each year so a method to help deal with them is a welcome addition to the TomTom range.
There is a new mount also included that’s reversible to allow for either dash or window mounting options.
The TomTom Smart 42 is 4.3-inch, the 52 is 5-inch and the 62 is 6-inch. $95+

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