In case you were wondering, yes, even Apple Watches could use some protection. And as much as we’d like to think these little wrist warriors are invincible, some extra security can go a long way in preserving our cherished timekeepers. The crew over at MTM Special Ops Watches feels the same way, now offering a military-inspired Apple Watch case that’s uniquely MTM in design and functionality.

Crafted from weapons-grade titanium or aluminum depending on your preference, the MTM Status adds some high-level protection to the digitalized 38mm Apple Watch. It features a set of interchangeable dials to suit the needs of the wearer, including a 12-hour clock, a compass digital date or 12-hour clock dial with the dials powered by a Quartz movement and two-year replaceable batteries. The unique design of the MTM Status also enables the wearer to incorporate any number of 24mm MTM bands or straps to suit their needs. They come in two options -either 7075 Aluminum or Grade 2 Titanium- and are available now for reservation on Kickstarter. Only 250 of each will ever be produced. Prices start at $129.

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