Any traveling musician understands the risks and perils in lugging along their music equipment from venue to venue. From water damage to breakage to even theft, traveling with such important gear presents many risks to the traveler. Now while there isn’t a universal solution to this matter, U.S-based KLOS Guitars does offer a six-string option.

Designed and handmade in the USA, KLOS’ guitars feature a carbon fiber body and mahogany wood neck that detaches for easy storage and transport. Such a composition makes the KLOS guitar a lighter and stronger option than traditional wood guitars while offering some of the best acoustics of the carbon fiber family. And because of this composition, the guitar is protected from dents, cracks, and other wear and tear traditionally found when traveling. It’s the perfect option for students traveling abroad, hikers looking to compose campfire serenades, or simply anyone interested learning a timeless instrument. It’s available now on Kickstarter with reservations starting at $500.

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