Jackery Power Pro

Power or charge anything with a 110V AC, a DC cigarette lighter, two 6mm 12V DC & two 5V USB outputs that’s rechargeable w solar panel.

Jackery Power Pro features a 110V AC output port with a Type A or Type B socket, two 12V DC 6mm output ports & a DC cigarette lighter port for larger electronics such as laptops, lanterns or TVs.

The AC output port can charge at 300 watts continuously or 500 watts at surge peak. The DC outputs operate at a 120 watts total.

The Power Pro also features two 5 volt USB ports so you can easily charge your smaller handheld devices like smartphones, tablets or Bluetooth speakers. Each port operates at a maximum of 10.5 watt output.  $675 incl a solar panel on Kickstrater.

Posted in Gadgets on October 21st 2016 comments

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