Internet of Things table lamp illuminates comings and goings of distant loved ones

This is a charming idea. The Good Night Lamp is actually a set of table lamps that you distribute among friends or family. The lamps communicate remotely so that as a lamp is turned on or off by its owner, that action is replicated in the others, giving illuminating little insights into the comings and goings of loved ones – even those on the other side of the world.You’ve probably recognized that this is an Internet of Things thing, which is no surprise, coming from designer Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, who’s been tinkering with Internet of Things things since before the Internet of Things was a thing (or at least, before it was so visibly a thing).

The are no prizes, then, for twigging that the lamps talk to each other across the net. Deschamps-Sonsino filled us in on how these work, explaining that a set will comprise of a Big Lamp and a number of Little Lamps. The Big Lamp is basically the master. Turn it on, and all the Little Lamps turn on too. Give the Little Lamps to your loved ones, and they’ll be able to see your comings and goings.

The Big Lamp is Wi-Fi-enabled, and set up on your network with a simple program when you connect it to your Mac or PC. The Little Lamps aren’t Wi-Fi enabled, but they’re connected to a Power House which is, and which you program the same way.

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