Hero Smart Pill Dispenser

Managing a daily regimen of prescription medications, vitamins and supplements can be a pain. Brooklyn-based startup Hero Health is trying to make the process a whole lot easier with a new smart appliance that organizes, schedules, dispenses and tracks pills for you and your family. Just drop your pills into an empty cartridge and slide it in—Hero holds more than a month’s worth of 10 different medications—then follow the prompts on the LCD screen to identify and schedule them. When it’s time for a dose, just push a button and Hero will automatically drop the correct pills into the dispensing cup below. The connected Hero app sends reminders, lets you know when you (or someone else, like a child or elderly relative) have missed a dose and alerts you when you’re running low. The whole system is password-protected, so you don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with your medications or taking the wrong one. $ 599

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