Ok, it’s without any doubt a knock-off to say the least but what if a knock-off actually beats the real thing?
This action camera is essentially everything that your GoPro wants to be when it grows up. It can shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second to capture all of your wildest jumps, rides, and drives, and all while using a 3 axis in-body image stabilization to keep your shots steady and smooth. In addition to doing exactly what you’d hope a video camera would do – take great footage – this body also features a super-sensitive mic that eliminates muffled sound along with a live display touch screen that can function through a waterproof case. Don’t want to worry about whether you held down the record button for long enough? The Virb can take voice commands like “record”, or “take a photo”. Want to brag a bit about your ride? An integrated GPS system can overlay speed and height onto all of your video. What else can we say? Your move, GoPro. Prices start at $500.

Posted in Gadgets on September 1st 2016 comments

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