Furbo lets you dispense dog treats from afar

For dog owners who treat their pets like children, it can be hard leaving them alone while at work. Who’s going to pamper your pooch with treats while you’re gone? What if – in the absence of your constant reminders – they forget who is, in fact, a good boy? Furbo is designed to allay these fears by letting you remotely talk to, and feed, your pet.The remote treat-dispenser is currently on Indiegogo, where it has raised over US$89,200 – comfortably more than the initial $50,000 goal. If things go as planned, the product should ship in July this year, at which point buyers can expect to pay $239. If you get in early, however, Furbo is offering the unit for pledges of just $99.furbo-dog-treats-14.png

Posted in Gadgets on April 28th 2016 comments

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