One of the most fun parts about heading out into the woods is getting the chance to record the natural beauty of the place. The one catch? That requires batteries. Because providing a charge for your phone or video camera can be complicated when you are miles from an outlet, the team at Estream developed an easy to use water powered generator to juice up all your gadgets.

Turning a river, stream, or even lake into an energy source is as simple as it can get with the Estream. Users just need to remove the device’s cover, unfold and lock the turbines, and then drop it into the water to allow it to spin freely. You can hook this thing to a rock in a running stream near your campsite while you are out on a day hike, or even throw it behind your kayak while you paddle around a large lake. And after 4.5 hours of spinning the battery, the Estream will will have enough juice to charge three smartphones, action cameras, or tablets at up to 2 times faster than an outlet. Campers can also use this generator as a waterproof light for when the sun goes down. Estream plans to retail these at $250. Estream-Portable-Water-Power-Generator-2 Estream-Portable-Water-Power-Generator-1

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