For years now we’ve seen countless iPhone camera add-ons be released onto the market. Telephoto, wide angle, macro – you name it. Now, with the introduction of Cinebody, smartphone users can now get their hands on a serious add-on for the video function on their smartphone.

This body manages to look and feel like an old-school super 8 camera while still retaining all of the quality you’d expect from an iPhone video. All you need to do to get going is to slide your iPhone in, launch the free Cinebody app, plug in the aux cable, and you can get shooting. With the combination of the software and hardware from this company, you can add on external lights, adjust frame rate, focus, and even add on aftermarket lenses. Who needs a selfie stick when you can film with this? Prices start at $200.

Posted in Gadgets on September 15th 2016 comments

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