On first take, ‘a fire pit on wheels’ may not sound appealing – in fact, it sounds pretty damn dangerous, but you’d be surprised how useful something like the Barrow from Konstantin Slawinski can be in a lively backyard in the middle of the summer.

One night you may want to just unwind and let all of the stresses of the week just slide off, so you head over to the part of the yard where you have a couple chairs set up around the fire-pit and throw a few logs on and kick back with a beer. The very next night your kids might want to do the same thing (sans beer), but knowing how kids can be, you lift up the barrel and roll it closer to the house so you can keep an eye on them from the window. Having some friends over for a barbecue on Sunday? Just lay down some coals and throw the cooking grate on-top of the bowl and you’re good to start grilling. Oh yeah, and it looks pretty cool, too. Prices start at $890.Barrow-Rolling-Fire-Pit-5

Posted in Gadgets on August 5th 2016 comments

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