When it comes to active headphones, you can’t always get what you want. Maybe you have great sound quality, but you end up compromising on the size and fit. You could have headphones that feel great in the ear, but wires that bother you and get in your way while you’re lifting. Axum Gear is saying that it doesn’t have to be that way, and they’re offering up their wireless sport earbuds as evidence.

Billed as the world’s best truly wireless earphones, these buds offer high quality audio, long battery life (4 hours), a waterproofed body, and a snug fit on any ear. Including a built in microphone and a Bluetooth range of 32 feet, it’s perfect for the athlete looking to get the most out of their workout without fiddling with cords and phones in the pocket. If that sounds like the ideal kind of headphone for you, keep an eye out for when they hit retail in May of 2017 for $300.Axum-Wireless-Earbuds-4

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