simpiz fastest power bank on the planet

SIMPIZ is the fastest portable power bank and battery charger ever released, requiring only 18 minutes to fully recharge the 9000mAh internal power source, compared to other traditional portable power banks which require 8 hours or more to recharge the same capacity. And if you’re really in a hurry, just 3 minutes of charging the SIMPIZ, will fully recharge most smartphones. It even features QC 2.0 output speed to charge QC-compatible phones quickly and easily. $85

SIMPIZ also includes an amazingly versatile and convenient hub + dock station that allows you to recharge the SIMPIZ while simultaneously charging multiple devices, like your smart phone and tablet. With the hub + dock’s three output ports to charge all your devices, it keeps everything all in one place and reduces outlet use. Instead of fiddling with cables, the SIMPIZ hub + dock only takes a quick second to plug in, and features a blue light indicator that blinks while charging then turns solid when the SIMPIZ is fully charged.

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