Looks like Nike’s acquisition of Converse continues to pay off as Converse is now offering interested users the option to build their own Converse shoes from scratch. It’s the ultimate bonus to the fanbase since their resurgence in popularity over the past several years have depleted buyers of the brand’s unique street value.

Now through the Nike online store, you can build out a personalized design from Converse’s most iconic base models: i.e. the Highs, Lows, and Slips. Just like the beloved NikeID program, it will allow you to address all aspects of the shoe from the tongue to the sidewall to the outside body to the stitch and even the laces. The shoe is your oyster and Nike is offering fans of the brand the opportunities to let their freak flags fly so-to-speak in these designs. Pick your colors, adjust the details, and even add your name to the shoe. The sky’s the limit in this regard, or rather, however high you can jump. Priced at $75.

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