ystudio Brassing Stationery Collection

ystudio is a Taiwanese design house that makes fine stationery artifacts (think pens, pencils, etc.) designed to last a lifetime. The hardware in their latest collection, Brassing, includes a ballpoint pen, sketching pencil and ruler all made out of brass that’s been painted black. Over time, the paint will wear away to reveal the brass beneath in a completely unique way based on each user. If you’re not one for waiting, ystudio also attached a piece of sand paper to the product’s package that you can use to speed up the entire process. And if you’re looking for something to write or sketch on, there’s a matching set of letterpress postcards in the collection as well.ystudio-Brassing-Stationery-Collection-3 ystudio-Brassing-Stationery-Collection-2 ystudio-Brassing-Stationery-Collection-1

Posted in Design on April 5th 2016 comments

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