UFO Chair

Inspired by the extreme forms of space capsules and designed to withstand re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, the UFO rocking chair consists of a spherical shell in carbon fiber and of a seat in Memorycomposite and Primofiore skin. The chassis, made of pure carbon fiber, is blended and hand-crafted, made and finished by exploiting technology and automotive typical processes. The seat is structured in a monoblock composed of memory foam that makes it out-of-this-world comfortable. The coating is performed by hand, with selections from the best Primofiore skins. The UFO production is limited to 100 copies, and each piece has a plate made of silver and gold, made entirely by hand, on which is placed with the production number. Perhaps this piece is undefined, but its style is undeniable. $17.300

Posted in Design on September 12th 2016 comments

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