Tesla Motors, the brainchild of technology maven Elon Musk, has caught our collective attention by creating a series of all-electric vehicles that function well and actually look quite good – especially when compared to their precursors and hybrid cousins. And while that’s an impressive step forward in the world of alternative-fuel vehicles, they still haven’t scratched the surface in regards to what car fanatics want to see made available for purchase. Rain Prisk, a designer out of Tallinn, Estonia has envisioned one such option: this Model S Coupe.

Based on the chassis and overall styling of the Model S Sedan, this version ditches the rear doors in favor of a more sporty 2-door design. And while the end result is certainly less passenger-friendly and a bit more egocentric, we’re inclined to say that this concept looks much better than the standard 4-door. And, if we had it our way, this car’s sportier design would come with sportier perks – like a lighter overall weight and maybe a race-centric tuning option. Hey, Elon, are you listening?

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