Honda x JackThreads HT3 Sneaker

A car brand might not be the most likely partner for a shoe collaboration, to say the least. But when you’re behind the wheel for hours at a time, it pays to have comfortable footwear on — and if it’s footwear that just might be inspired by the car you’re driving, that fits the bill even better.
E-commerce retailer JackThreads partnered with lifestyle site Thrillist and Honda on a unique driving sneaker that’s inspired by the 2016 Honda Civic (a concept that the Thrillist team dreamed up). The shoe is meant to reflect the redesigned car through a futuristic, fashion-forward silhouette that features metallic accents, premium suede and quilted leather detailing. Articulated nodes even wrap around the driver (or wearer’s) ankle for extra support, and a neoprene vamp fits over the top of the foot. A suede shroud also covers the laces themselves, ensuring clean lines throughout. The red-and-black sneakers are super-sleek and sporty, and they’d look right at home under slim black sweatpants or black denim for weekend explorations on foot, or long drives on the road. – $100

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