Okay, so it’s only one building so far, but the work done on this Amsterdam boutique lays the ground for similar transformations elsewhere. Crystal Buildings creates a completely transparent facade on an otherwise opaque brick structure. The architects, MVRDV, worked in conjunction with the the delft university of technology, who partnered with engineers and contractors to come up with new structural solutions (like using a transparent adhesive instead of mortar) and fabrication techniques. The result is a stunningly clear wall made from solid glass bricks — individually cast by Poesia — glass window frames, and glass architraves, integrated directly into the existing brickwork above it, modernizing the space while paying homage to the area’s past.IMG_4319 crystal-houses-chanel-store-amsterdam-glass-bricks-mvrdv_dezeen_936_2

Posted in Design on April 26th 2016 comments

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