Louis Vuitton building that lights up like a giant lantern

Celebrated fashion marquee, Louis Vuitton recently opened a new building in Tokyo’s uber- chic shopping destination-The Ginza. Unlike any of the brand’s prior office/merchandising places, this one is an architectural and aesthetic stand out with its very dramatic transformation at dusk. Each day after the sun sets, the novel LV edifice gets illuminated like a giant lantern, thanks to the bulk of integrated LED lights.

Jun-Aoki-Louis-Vuitton-Ginza-Tokyo-4-1020x610Designed by renowned Japanese architect Jun Aoki, the store features the brand’s iconic Damier Canvas pattern which is perfectly complimented by a super thin layer of LED lights. Though the structure may pass off as extremely complicated, in reality it is comprised of two simple layers – each made of 5mm-thick modular aluminum panels. The star and funnel shaped elements in different sizes house the LED panels which further accentuate the three-dimensional impact of the building’s surface. Further, the building’s shape and pearl paint finish seamlessly capture and reflect the ever changing ambient light, which makes it appear equally stunning in the day as well.

Posted in Design on November 10th 2016 comments

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